Ecostrad Sunglo Infrared Patio Heater


With a honeycomb-style grill and sleek design, the Ecostrad Sunglo is a modern and sophisticated patio heater, great for keeping your garden warm even through the colder months. Versatile and convenient, the Sunglo can be fitted in a variety of ways, including wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted. Plus, it’s even compatible with the Ecostrad Stand, for a portable heating solution and can be used for domestic and commercial outdoor application

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Sunglo 2000w heats up to 14m2 680mm x 110mm x 70mm
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The Ecostrad Sunglo is a stylish and efficient patio heating solution that uses infrared to create effective warmth for outdoor spaces. Providing instantaneous and effective heat the second it’s switched on; this infrared patio heater lets you make full use of your outdoor spaces throughout the year.

All Sunglo heaters come with a remote control, which allows users to select between two heat output levels. During milder weather when only supplementary heat is needed, the option to choose a lower output can help to minimise energy usage and reduce running costs. Though the remote requires a direct line of sight with the heater, the controls are basic and easy to use so you can adjust the heater with minimal effort. If you prefer to use the heater manually, a button on the right-hand side of the heater will also provide the same function.

An LED indicator light displays the current setting of the Sunglo so you can always tell at a glance whether the heater is at full power. The light will display as red when the heater is off, blue when the heater is on its lower heat setting, and green for full power output.

The Sunglo can be used as a freestanding unit when used with a compatible patio heater stand. Alternatively, purchase the Sunglo with our Ecostrad Parasol Brackets to fit the heater beneath a parasol or awning: a popular choice for users who want to direct their heat toward a frequently occupied table or seating area. The additional benefit of this type of installation is that the heater is also afforded a little extra protection against the weather. These brackets allow the Ecostrad Sunglo to be attached to the underside of any parasol and are easily adjustable to fit.

Infrared Heating Technology

The most striking feature of the Ecostrad Sunglo is its attractive contemporary design and eye-catching ‘honeycomb’ grill. Inside its sleek silver housing is a specially coated tungsten filament HeLeN bulb, which has an estimated lifespan of 6000 hours and is capable of providing robust heat in seconds.

Tungsten elements get to such high temperatures in order to produce near infrared that they give off a bright light when in use, however, the reflectors on the inside of the heater body and the gold coating on the Sunglo’s HeLeN bulb reduce this to a pleasant glow – almost like a small sunset in your own back garden. Though the tungsten element gets very hot, the reflectors on the inside of the heater ensure that any heat is projected outwards, ensuring the rest of the product casing is kept cool.