Our Infrared Heaters


Our Infrared Heaters

Here at Infrared Heaters Direct we are proud to sell the highest quality infrared heaters.
We’ve selected from the biggest names in infrared heating to bring you outstanding products at an unbeatable price. Our selection of market-leading Herschel heaters are top-of-the-range innovations from a company with years of experience using the highest quality materials. When you order from us you can have complete confidence that you're receiving the best products on the market.
For the best in outdoor heating solutions, look to our fantastic line of Burda near infrared products which will guarantee your patio or veranda will be comfortably warm whenever you come to use it. The seasons will never dictate how you can use your outdoor spaces as these near infrared heaters provide robust heating that will effectively counteract the cooler temperatures felt outside.
Our heaters boast energy-efficiency levels close to 100% and are a fantastic eco-friendly option that can help you make significant savings on your heating bills.


Infrared products are the most varied in terms of the sizes and styles available, but no matter what type you choose, you can be sure that they’ll be as compact and unobtrusive as possible. No more bulky and cumbersome heaters that intrude into your room space – infrared heaters are usually so discreet, you may not even notice their presence!
Infrared panels are popular for interior spaces and are available in all sizes for properties both large and small. Our basic range includes plain white panels that are as slim as a picture frame and can be wall mounted in any room to provide an elegant yet low-key heat source that will complement interiors of all kinds. For a completely inconspicuous solution, mirror panels can skilfully camouflage your heater as a reflective surface so it will provide two functions in one, whilst blending in with the rest of your home fixtures.
Our range of ceramic and quartz heaters are a little more industrial in appearance but are wonderfully compact and come in a choice of finishes – they're ideal in garages, warehouses, factories, patios and pub gardens.
With an almost limitless array of options, you're sure to find the perfect infrared heater for your property, be it outdoor or indoor, commercial or domestic.


All our infrared products are quick and easy to install, though be aware some will require the services of a professional.
Panels suitable for DIY installation simply need to be mounted upon the wall and plugged into the nearest socket.
Products intended for bathroom, outdoor or hard-wired fitting must be installed by a qualified electrician. This is a quick, straightforward task which requires none of the expensive and invasive plumbing work required when fitting central heating. For bathroom fittings, always check any manufacturer guidelines regarding installation and ensure that the product in question has a suitable IP rating for its intended zone.

Beware of cheap imitations & fakes

All our heaters use top-of-the-range components and go through rigorous manufacturing and testing processes. Far infrared is the best form of infrared for comfort heating – but watch out for cheap imitations. Far infrared heaters on offer at very low prices from low-profile retailers may in fact be near infrared imitations. If your heater gives off a bright glow it's probably a near infrared heater, which won’t give off the same kind of gentle heat as a far infrared product. Near infrared heaters can be useful outside, where the intense heat they provide is invigorating for short periods of time, but they don’t offer comfortable long-term heating for indoor spaces. Always make sure you're buying safety accredited products from a dealer you can trust.
All heaters at Infrared Heaters Direct have passed health and safety and British Standard checks.

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