Case Studies


Infrared products are excellent heating solutions for all domestic properties and can be especially effective in older homes with higher levels of heat loss. Residents living in a thatched house built in 1350 managed to significantly reduce their heating bills by replacing their old storage heaters and plug-in convection heaters with infrared panels. Monthly electricity bills dropped from £153 to £40 and, as infrared is easily absorbed by surrounding surfaces, the walls of the property are kept regularly warm, which has led to a noticeable reduction in condensation and damp.


Altringham Market has unique heating requirements because of its large, open-plan structure. To keep its sizable indoor seating area well-heated, Herschel ceramic heaters were suspended from the ceiling to provide an inconspicuous source of warmth. Infrared warms customers and the surrounding walls and surfaces directly, creating comfortable ambient temperatures that aren’t affected by air movement, draughts or poor insulation. With infrared heating, the market space is now kept warm with reliable, effective heating that’s easily controlled using wireless thermostats.

Public Halls

The 17th century construction and open-plan interior of Blake Hall made it difficult to keep warm, and as its existing heating system was underspecified for a room of its size, achieving a comfortable temperature was problematic. However, once fitted with Herschel Advantage IR heaters to thoroughly cover the space, comfort temperatures were consistently maintained because of the direct warmth provided by infrared. The discreet appearance and glare free operation of the ceramic heaters also ensured that the aesthetics of the wedding venue were not compromised.

Restaurants, Bars & Cafes

Presentation is key to creating a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere for customers, which is why it’s essential for restaurants and bars to use a heating solution that’s discreet and effective in equal measure. An exclusive rooftop bar in London chose infrared for this very reason, fitting fifty Herschel Aspect XL3 heaters throughout their establishment to create a pleasant and even spread of warmth over a large area. The compact design and glare free heating elements of these ceramic infrared heaters provided an unobtrusive heat source without detracting from the bar’s refined aesthetic.