How Infrared Can Save You Money



For decades, gas or oil central heating has generally worked out as the cheapest way to heat homes. The low cost of these fossil fuels has often outstripped the gains of more efficient electric radiators that run off higher cost electricity tariffs. But, as we know, these fossil fuels will not last forever – and this has put huge pressure on scientists and engineers around the world to find affordable heating solutions that don't cost the Earth.
Infrared heaters represent the very peak of these latest innovations in electric heating. The unsurpassed efficiency of infrared allows you to enjoy a constant level of comfortable heat with the lower running costs more associated with central heating. While the initial cost of infrared panels and heaters can be more than the price of a suite of radiators, their efficiency and lack of maintenance work required can make up the difference in under three years. A great money-saving heating solution for all spaces – whether old or new build, indoor or outdoor, domestic or commercial.


1. Less Power To Heat A Room

Infrared heaters use less power to heat a room than central heating systems because heat does not escape through draughts and the circulation of air.

2. Set Your Thermostat Lower

You can set your thermostat 3-5 °C lower with infrared heaters because they warm objects directly and re-radiate heat, giving your room a higher mean radiant temperature than with central heating.

3. Gas and Oil Becoming More Expensive

As fossil fuels become more scarce, gas and oil will become more expensive.

4. Renewable Energy Sources

Infrared heaters can be run on electricity from renewable energy sources – you could even use power generated from your own solar panels.

5. Heats Objects Directly

As infrared heats objects directly without needing to heat the whole room, you can calculate which heaters you need using the surface area rather than the size of the room – so you may be able to heat your room with fewer heaters than you'd need with a central heating system.

6. Prevent Damp

Infrared heaters keep your walls dry – preventing damp, mould, rot and peeling paint, saving you money on house repairs.

7. No System Losses

Infrared heaters do not incur system losses – unlike central heating systems which lose heat through pipework in the wall.

8. Simple Fitting

All of our heaters are either suitable for DIY installation or are simple fitting tasks for qualified electricians. They require none of the disruptive, expensive plumbing work required with central heating.

9. Minimal Maintenance

Our heaters require minimal maintenance. With no moving parts, no liquid elements and no internal combustion they do not need to be serviced, do not leak and are entirely hassle-free. They'll save you hundreds of pounds on servicing and maintenance costs.

10. Focus Heat Where You Need It

With infrared, you do not need to heat the whole room, you can focus heat where you need it – the perfect way to cut heating bills in outdoor or open plan spaces such as warehouses, factories and churches.

11. Thermostat, Push Button and Motion Detector Controls

All our panels are compatible with thermostat, push-button and motion detector heating control devices – which will ensure you're only paying for heating where you need it.


Infrared is one of the most efficient, effective heating solutions currently available for domestic, commercial and industrial properties. Unbeatable enery efficiency will reduce your heating bills whilst optimal comfort heating will keep you cosy all year long. For more information on our top of the range energy efficient Infrared heating products,

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