Ecostrad Heatglo Infrared Patio Heater - Black 2kW


Create a comfortable and cosy atmosphere in your garden or patio with the Ecostrad Heatglo. This affordable and attractive patio heater is a subtle outdoor heating solution that provides robust and effective warmth, so you can enjoy relaxing in your garden all year round. Providing wall and ceiling installation options, this patio heater is versatile and convenient.   

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The Ecostrad Heatglo Patio Heater uses shortwave infrared to heat patios and other outdoor areas. With its ultra-low glare amber bulb, this radiant heater creates a warm and calming outdoor atmosphere, perfect for if you’re entertaining guests or simply enjoying the sunset.

Infrared heat offsets cold temperatures by travelling in a wave and heating nearby objects and people, meaning you can always achieve a consistent level of warmth whenever and wherever you need it the most. With a 2000w output, the Heatglo gets to work immediately, making it easier than ever to keep warm whilst enjoying an evening outside. The Ecostrad Heatglo heats outdoor areas of up to 9m2 and indoor areas of up 14m2 and comes with a protection rating of IPX4, which protects the Heatglo from any splashes of water.

The Ecostrad Heatglo also allows for adaptability as you can use the brackets to fit the heater to the wall or ceiling. The heater comes with basic on/off functionality but can be paired with an external controller which would be beneficial for any commercial applications. 

Infrared Heating Technology

Inside the Heatglo’s glossy black housing is a specially coated tungsten filament HeLeN bulb which is capable of providing robust heat in seconds. Tungsten elements get to such high temperatures in order to produce near infrared that they give off a bright light when in use, however, the reflectors on the inside of the heater body and the amber coating on the Heatglo’s HeLeN bulb reduces this to a pleasant glow. Though the tungsten element gets very hot, the reflectors on the inside of the heater ensure that any heat is projected outwards, guaranteeing that the rest of the product casing is kept cool.