With high ceilings and large windows, heating conservatories via traditional methods is notoriously difficult. It’s an annoying scenario: either deal with higher heating costs or abandon your conservatory until milder weather beckons. However, there is a solution at hand – infrared heaters. They’re great at combating heat loss and are a fuss-free alternative to independent room heating. Let’s find out exactly why infrared is so good for conservatories and explore some of our recommendations for good measure.

What makes infrared heaters so good for conservatories?

100% radiant warmth

Infrared heaters are incredibly efficient because they deliver a direct transfer of heat. Instead of wasting energy heating the air, warmth travels in waves, getting absorbed and radiated back by everything in its path. Where convection heaters might struggle, infrared offers an efficient and natural alternative – the same kind of heat we get from the sun, just without the harmful UV ways. With infrared heaters, you’re guaranteed an unparalleled level of cosiness you just won’t find with anything else.

Zero moving parts

The modular nature of infrared heating removes the headaches of extending your plumbing or overhauling your current heating system. So, you can enhance the comfort of your conservatory without hefty expenses or major renovations. With zero moving parts, infrared heaters can be managed on a room-by-room basis, offering a cost-effective way to achieve precise warmth without wasting heat on the rest of the house.

Combats damp & condensation

By directly heating surfaces, infrared heaters reduce the likelihood of moisture in the air condensing on colder areas. This proves particularly beneficial in conservatories, where large windows are susceptible to condensation. With traditional heaters, you might find yourself resorting to additional measures like a dehumidifier or ceiling fan. Infrared heaters offer a dual-purpose solution – keeping your space warm while preventing damp conditions in the process.

Flexible installation

When wall space comes at a premium, having versatile mounting options is a gamechanger. Infrared heaters offer the flexibility to be installed on the wall, ceiling, or even as a freestanding unit. Their ultra-slimline design ensures a discreet solution that doesn’t take up space or compromise aesthetics. Plus, the ability to finetune the mounting location means you can strategically place it to target a specific section – especially useful if you have a larger space.

Energy-saving features

With programmable timers, precision thermostats and smart control, infrared heaters are designed to save energy at no expense to your comfort:

  • Precision thermostat – Accurately measures room temperature, turning the heater on and off to maintain your set level without fluctuation.
  • 24/7 programming – Heats to a set schedule down to the individual minute, ensuring heat isn’t wasted when your conservatory isn’t in use.
  • Adaptive start – Heats up slowly instead of using full power, ensuring it’s at the right temperature at the right time.
  • Open window detection – Turns the heater off in the event a door or window causes the room to lose heat too quickly.
  • WiFi app control – Pairable with an app on your smartphone or smart speaker for a more convenient approach to programming.

What are the best infrared heaters for conservatories?

Ecostrad Thermostrip Infrared Heater

At a glance:

  • Price – £199.99-£299.99
  • Installation – Plug & Go | Wall & ceiling mounting
  • Programming – On/off | External thermostat

Top 3 features:

  • Gentle radiant warmth
  • No glare for zero distractions
  • External thermostat compatible

For total comfort in your conservatory, you can’t go wrong with the Ecostrad Thermostrip. This contemporary infrared heater uses advanced carbon fibre elements to provide a soothing warmth, completely free of distracting visible light. Thanks to its flexible mounting options, strategically place it to direct the heat exactly where it’s needed most. The Thermostrip boasts seamless programming, offering easy control through a simple on/off switch or effortless integration with an external controller. Its far-reaching warmth is tailor-made for combating the chill in even the coldest conservatories, adding a renewed purpose to your space no matter the season.

Herschel Select Under Desk Infrared Heating Panel 

At a glance:

  • Price – £215.99
  • Installation – Plug & Go | Freestanding
  • Programming – On/off control | WiFi app | Amazon Alexa & Google Home

Top 3 features:

  • 24-hour countdown timer
  • Convenient foot pedal
  • WiFi app & voice control

If a wall or ceiling-mounted heater isn’t the right fit for your conservatory, why not try the Herschel Select Under Desk Heater? This freestanding unit is perfect for on-the-spot heating – just mount it on feet and plug it into the nearest socket. Its user-friendly foot pedal allows you to turn it on and off effortlessly, or for a tech-savvy approach, sync it with your smartphone or home voice assistant for intuitive WiFi programming. The Herschel Select is designed to provide gentle heat on demand, and with a maximum surface temperature of 37 °C, it’s a safe choice for homes with pets or children.

Ecostrad Opus & Accent

At a glance:

  • Price – £209.99-£419.99
  • Installation – Plug & Go | Wall & ceiling mounting
  • Programming – Built-in thermostat | Remote control | WiFi app & voice control

Top 3 features:

  • Remote/WiFi app control
  • 24/7 programming
  • 0.5 °C precision thermostat

The Ecostrad Opus & Accent range are ultra-slimline infrared panels, primed for discreet heating from the wall or ceiling. Delivering gentle, all-day warmth, these infrared panels are engineered for complete efficiency with the programming to match: the IR range comes with a convenient point & click remote, while the iQ range is WiFi-ready straight out of the box. Equipped with 24/7 programming and open window detection, these heaters ensure precise, cost-effective warmth in conservatories every day of the year.

Enjoy your conservatory year-round with infrared heaters

No more excuses – it’s time to fully embrace your conservatory! Whether you fancy luxurious glass or mirror panels, budget-friendly white panels, or need something sturdier for a commercial setting, we’ve got the perfect infrared heater for you. Explore our full range now and bring efficient, cost-effective heating to your conservatory today.