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Infrared is one of the most energy efficient forms of heating on the market today. Unlike conventional convection heaters – such as radiators, fan heaters and storage heaters – infrared products heat by radiation. This is a direct form of heat which works in the same way as the sun warms the Earth, heating objects and people regardless of the temperature of the air. This makes infrared heating especially well-adapted for hard-to-heat areas with high ceilings, large windows or poor insulation. Infrared heaters are also available in a range of stylish designs, with something to suit every interior design theme. This combination of style and practicality make infrared heaters ideal choices for domestic, commercial and industrial heating.

Infrared Commercial Heater Features Explained

Far Infrared

For use in a variety of situations, far infrared heat emits waves of gentle, radiant warmth, creating a long-lasting and efficient heat. The perfect solution for indoor spaces.

Near Infrared

As the most powerful form of infrared heat. Near Infrared provides instantaneous warmth coupled with an ambient glow, making it perfect for outdoor heating.

Mediumwave Infrared

Providing a strong warmth, with mediumwave infrared you get the best of both as it is suitable for outdoor use but remains comfortable when used for longer periods of time.