Zoning & Control

Zoning & Control

Infrared heaters can be installed and programmed to provide heat exactly when and where you need it, with minimum waste. They can also be controlled with more precision than almost any other heating system. Direct focussed infrared heat warms everything in the heater's range without losing heat to other spaces, giving you heat exactly where you need it with no overspill.

Combine this with a thermostat, push-button timer, or motion detector from our range of precision heating controls for a heating system that operates how and when you need. With zoning and control you can optimise your energy-efficiency, slim down your heating bills and boast a truly eco-friendly heating system.

Direct Radiated Heat

Infrared heats people and objects directly, warming everything in its field of heating without spilling over and heating surrounding areas. This gives a level of control which is impossible with other forms of heating. Traditional convection heaters, such as gas or oil central heating radiators, work by heating air which circulates around the entire room, moving from warm spaces to cold spaces. In practice this means that you can only warm a space by heating the whole room! This is especially inefficient when trying to heat large, high-ceilinged, open-plan or outdoor spaces.

Infrared, on the other hand, allows you to focus heat on the areas that need it. This can save you money in so many situations. When installing heating in a working garage, for instance, you can focus heat on your workstation without trying to heat the entire draughty space. The money-saving benefits are even more tangible in open-plan offices, warehouses, churches and other large open spaces. In a warehouse or factory, you can provide zones of infrared heating at a low level over workstations and busy areas, without wasting energy trying to heat all the way up to the ceiling. Outdoor locations, as entirely unenclosed spaces, are almost impossible to heat with convection heaters – but with infrared heaters you can warm guests and clients with a direct heat like the warmth of the sun. Cheaper, more efficient – a fantastic eco-friendly heating solution.

Thermostat Control

All of our infrared heaters are compatible with a range of heating control devices. Browse our online selection for a range of intelligent thermostats, push-button controls and motion detectors.

Motion detector control is ideal for outdoor patio heaters, ensuring that heat is only generated when there are people there to benefit. Push-button control is better suited to locations that you visit at irregular times – for instance, when installed in an infrared heater over a garage workstation, you are not committed to a pre-set heating programme: you can simply switch on the heating when it's needed. Our selection of thermostats – which range from basic plug-in thermostats with pre-set programmes to fully programmable hardwired thermostats with internet control – allow you to programme a heating schedule which suits your lifestyle. So, if you're out working in the day and at home in the evenings, you can select low temperatures from nine 'til five, and higher temperatures for when you get home. Thermostat control is ideal for most domestic or commercial properties where you have consistent heating needs. The thermostat will switch off the heater when the desired temperature is reached, ensuring you use the minimum amount of power possible – saving you money on your heating bills.


Many of our thermostats give an added level of control by separating your home heating into different zones. This allows you to set different programmes for each space, so that you don't waste power heating upstairs at times when you know you'll be downstairs. Here's an example zoning programme to show you just how much energy you could save with zoning control:

Zone 1:

Living Room, Downstairs Bathroom and Kitchen – busy rooms. Programmed for comfort temperatures throughout the evening, first thing in the morning and at weekends.

Zone 2:

Bedrooms and Upstairs Bathroom – occupied in mornings and late evening. Programmed for comfort temperatures late in the evening and first thing in the morning, so you're cosy when you head to bed and it's not too hard to get up and go when the day begins!

Zone 3:

Spare Room – currently empty room. Thermostat will only switch the heater on if temperatures drop below a certain level, to ensure your pipes do not burst when the cold weather hits.