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Use our calculator to find your wattage requirements in 3 simple steps.
Why Infrared Heating?
Unsure on infrared heating or need help choosing?
Calculate Your Wattage
Use our calculator to find your wattage requirements in 3 simple steps.
Why Infrared Heating?
Unsure on infrared heating or need help choosing?

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Infrared Heaters Direct

If you’re looking for ways to save money on your energy bills and invest in the latest heating technology, infrared heaters are the ideal choice. Not only does our extensive range of infrared heaters look modern and stylish, they’re also one of the most energy efficient heating options on the market today – you could make huge savings on your heating bills when compared to more traditional forms of electric heating.

Infrared heaters are a new and innovative form of electric heating. Radiant heat, combined with digital control from timers and thermostats, can help you maximise energy efficiency and lower running costs. Stylish and modern, infrared heaters are designed to heat people and surfaces directly, warming the fabric of the building and objects in the room rather than the surrounding air. Infrared Heaters Direct are the UK's premier retailer for energy-efficient infrared heating and our mission is to bring you the best deals in the UK with a level of service that can’t be matched.

Indoors, our slimline infrared panels can be mounted on walls and ceilings to provide discreet and efficient heating throughout the home. Infrared panels provide all the comfort of ordinary radiators, but without the spread of dust and heat loss through draughts: they're cheap to run and gentle on allergies.

Commercial properties and public buildings such as churches and warehouses can make huge savings with ceramic infrared heaters. Infrared is ideal in these large, draughty spaces because you can zone the heat to where you need it, rather than heating the whole space: efficient and comfortable.

Outdoors, our range of infrared outdoor heaters is ideal for home patios. With low running costs, low installation costs and no ongoing maintenance, they offer the perfect outdoor heating solution for pubs, restaurants, bars, clubs and smoking areas.

We provide our customers, both domestic and trade, with energy-efficient heating solutions at the UK's best prices. For a free quotation call us on 0330 880 8383.

Shop By Features

Far Infrared

Suitable for a multitude of spaces, far infrared heat travels in a wave to provide lasting warmth that is easily absorbed by the skin. Gentle and efficient, this is the optimal form of radiant heat for indoor spaces.

Near Infrared

This is the strongest form of infrared heat. It provides instant warmth along with an ambient glow of light for the ideal outdoor heating solution.

Mediumwave Infrared

Get the best of both worlds with a mediumwave infrared heater, which provides strong warmth that’s suitable for outdoor use but remains comfortable when used for longer periods.

App Controlled Smart Heating

Many of our infrared heaters are compatible with WiFi control. Simply download the relevant heating app onto your smart device and experience convenient control at the palm of your hand.

Thermostat Controllable

Ranging from basic to high-tech, a thermostat not only allows you to adjust the temperature of your heater, it also helps to maximise energy-efficiency, giving you complete control.

DIY Installation

We have a whole range of infrared heaters that are suitable for DIY installation. Simply plug in the heater to the nearest socket and you’ll be good to go. There’s no need to call in professionals unless you’re installing in a bathroom or outdoors.

Low Glare

Add the finishing touches to your garden with a low glare patio heater that provides a strong warmth and a calming orange glow to help create the most ambient atmosphere.

No Glare

An infrared heater with no glare whatsoever is the perfect solution if you’re looking for discreet but effective warmth for a commercial or indoor installation.