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New Build

Homes built post 1980, with good insulation, loft insulation, double glazed windows and cavity walls.

Modern House

Homes built between 1930 - 1980, with good insulation and double glazing.

Old House

Homes built pre-1930, with singled glazed windows and poor wall and loft insulation.

Other Property Types

If your property doesn’t fall into these categories, we recommend contacting our sales team for a free expert quote. We recommend getting in touch if you’re looking to heat a conservatory, hot yoga studio, garage, warehouse, office block, church, school, hotel, showroom, or any other larger scale or specialist project. Give us a call or email us today.


All information and advice in relation to product suitability is for general guidance only. We cannot guarantee that any product is suitable for your requirements or that your electrical system has the capacity to safely power the products that you purchase from us. In some cases, changes to your electrical system may be required. This is your responsibility and Infrared Heaters Direct recommends that you seek the professional opinion of a qualified electrician before placing your order. All products must be installed and operated strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines which should take priority over all other information and advice. Failure to do so may compromise your safety and invalidate any manufacturer’s guarantee that comes with the Product.

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