Infrared Panels

Our Infrared Panels.

Discreet, energy-efficient, and versatile, infrared heating panels are the pinnacle of indoor infrared heater design. Perfect for both domestic and commercial environments, infrared panels use the gentlest type of infrared — providing a deeply penetrating, soothing heat that’s perfect for use all day long. No more obtrusive than a picture frame, these subtle infrared heaters are the most inconspicuous heating system imaginable, with slimline frames and a crisp, elegant aesthetic. Our range of infrared panels come in a variety of different finishes, from stylish glass panels to mirrored panels that can be used in bathrooms. There’s an infrared panel for every occasion at Infrared Heaters Direct.

Infrared Panel Features Explained

Far Infrared

For use in a variety of situations, far infrared heat emits waves of gentle, radiant warmth, creating a long-lasting and efficient heat. The perfect solution for indoor spaces.

Thermostat Controllable

The simple to use thermostats enable you to adjust the temperature of your heater and also help with energy-efficiency, using their advanced energy saving features.

App Controlled Smart Heating

Perfect for the smart home many infrared heaters have WiFi control. Meaning you can experience convenient control through your iOS or Android device.