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Reinvent your back garden with the comfortable warmth of an infrared patio heater. Infrared heaters overcome the challenges of heating outdoors with innovative technology that warms outdoor spaces far more efficiently than convection heaters. Whatever the requirements of your exterior space, the extensive range of products available in our collection will help you find the perfect outdoor heater – whatever the location, whatever the budget. Within our range you can choose between low glare, ultra-low glare or no glare heaters; opt for a gentle thoroughgoing heat or an invigorating intense glow; take your pick between slimline heaters for a discreet fitting or striking designs for modern interiors – there really is something for everyone at Infrared Heaters Direct.

Infrared Patio Heater Features Explained

Ultra-Low Glare

Ultra-Low Glare patio heaters create a softer warmth and emit less light, leaving you to sit back and enjoy a warm and cosy garden.

Low Glare

With a low glare patio heater you get a strong powerful warmth with calming orange glow, which creates the most immersive ambient environment.

No Glare

Are you searching for discreet but effective warmth for a commercial or indoor installation? An infrared heater with no glare whatsoever is the ideal solution.