7 Reasons To Choose Infrared



1. Heats Objects, Not the Air

Infrared heating warms you and your home directly. This is a much more effective way to produce comfortable warmth than conventional heating systems which only heat the air. The temperature of the air is not important for keeping warm – think of skiers sunbathing in the snow on sunny days! Infrared heaters heat like the sun: warming you, your furniture and the very fabric of your home – producing a comfortable, lasting warmth throughout the room.


2. Natural Heat

Infrared heating is 100% natural – it's the form of heat our bodies emit when we're warm and absorb when we're cold. Infrared heat feels like sunlight on a winter's day, or the glow of an open fire, or the warmth we feel when we sit close to other people. Our bodies absorb far infrared more easily than any other form of heat.


3. Reduced Energy Use

Unlike central heating systems, infrared does not waste energy heating air, which can lose heat through draughts and circulation. Infrared heats objects, which retain heat and radiate it back into the room, turning your home into a 360° heater. This means you don't waste energy topping up lost heat and you can set your thermostat 3-5 degrees lower than conventional heating systems. Our low energy heaters are also almost 100% efficient when they convert electricity to heat. They can save you 30-60% off annual heating bills compared to using traditional gas, oil or electric heating systems!


4. No Carbon Emissions

Our heaters do not produce carbon emissions. When used with electricity generated from a sustainable source, they're one of the few truly green heating systems.


5. Maintenance Free

Infrared heaters use solid state elements and require absolutely no maintenance. Unlike heating systems which rely on liquid elements, moving parts or internal combustion, they do not require servicing, inspection or repair and boast exceptionally long lifespans. Our heaters are certified to national health and safety standards.


6. Keeps Damp at Bay

Because infrared heaters warm the very fabric of the house, they ensure your walls stay dry. This prevents your walls accumulating condensation and developing damp, mould, dry rot or flaking paintwork.


7. Style

Infrared heating panels are ultra-slimline and are as thin as a picture frame, making them perfect for even the narrowest spaces in the home. The panels we offer come in plain white or mirror finishes which perfectly complement every style of interior décor, where they can disappear into the background to provide discreet warmth.



Infrared is one of the most efficient, effective heating solutions currently available for domestic, commercial and industrial properties. Unbeatable energy efficiency will reduce your heating bills whilst optimal comfort heating will keep you cosy all year long. For more information on our top of the range energy efficient infrared heating products, give our expert sales team a call on 0330 880 8383