Technotherm ISP Design Glass Infrared Heating Panels - Black 690mm


Few electric heating solutions boast the elegant design of the Technotherm ISP Design with its sleek glass panel front and ultra-slim body. These panels are great if you want to create an eye-catching room feature for your interiors and will also ensure your home is comfortably heated all-day, every day. They’re efficient, attractive and perfect for modern commercial and domestic properties.

Please note: Technotherm infrared heating panels require the TPF-Eco thermostat in order to operate.

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Options & Sizes
TTD45B-G 450w heats up to 8m2 1030mm x 690mm x 20mm
RRP £827.13
Our Price £619.99 inc. VAT
TTD75B-G 750w heats up to 13m2 1330mm x 690mm x 20mm
RRP £1089.63
Our Price £849.99 inc. VAT
TTD95B-G 950w heats up to 17m2 1630mm x 690mm x 20mm
RRP £1145.35
Our Price £899.99 inc. VAT

Technotherm glass infrared panels provide a sophisticated aesthetic to any interior with their sleek finish and minimalist appearance. Uniquely engineered and boasting exceptional build quality, all Technotherm panels offer outstanding value for money so you can enjoy a premium heating solution at an affordable price.

Glass panels create a wonderful focal point within your room space and will complement a wide range of interior styles with their striking appearance. Depending on your available wall space, these 690mm high panels are available in a variety of widths, so you can choose the perfect size to match your room. Technotherm panels are fantastically versatile when it comes to installation: fit them vertically to create a dramatic statement piece, or install them horizontally to cover a broader area.

Technotherm infrared panels are manufactured in Germany and designed to be as energy efficient as possible. Unlike other infrared products, these heaters use carbon wiring stitched directly into a unique Matrix Heat Mat, providing a higher and more consistent warmth across each panel surface, whilst also helping to keep the wires fixed firmly into place. This heat-conductive textile mat is able to accommodate up to 10 times more heating wire than other brands to ensure every panel provides uniform and reliable warmth whenever they’re used. Additionally, Technotherm panels are rock wool insulated at the back, an innovative way of preventing any energy from being wasted by heating the wall.

Installation of these panels can be completed DIY with minimal experience using the mounting brackets and fittings provided. Technotherm panels can be used in bathrooms if installed by a professional electrician and their IP44 rating provides them with robust splashproof protection. In the unlikely event that the front plate sustains a hard impact, the glass in Technotherm panels is manufactured with a ‘crumble effect’ to reduce risk of injury.

All Technotherm products undergo rigorous checks at every stage of manufacturing to meet their exceptionally high standards and are personally inspected by a quality control manager. They’re so confident in the construction of their products that Technotherm even provide a unique code in their guarantee certificates which helps them to identify who signed-off each individual appliance.

Thermostats & Controllers

What sets Technotherm products apart from other infrared heaters on the market is their wireless receiver integrated into each unit. This means if you want to control your heaters, all you need to do is purchase a Technotherm TPF-Eco Radio Frequency Thermostat – there’s no need to spend money on additional receivers for each unit if you want to expand your heating system. Using the Technotherm RF Thermostat, you can create a bespoke 24/7 heating schedule around your lifestyle and minimise energy usage by limiting when your heaters draw power. The TPF-Eco Radio Frequency Thermostat is a necessary purchase because it sends commands to the infrared panels to heat. Without it, the panels will not operate.

To make the most out of your Technotherm panels, it’s well worth investing in a compatible Tydom Home – Smart Homehub, which allows you to control your heaters from any location using an internet enabled device. Adjust your heating system on the way home to ensure it’s warm and inviting when you arrive, or delay your heating schedule if you know you’ll be late home – the Tydom heating app provides total heat management with an intuitive user interface. The app can be downloaded via Google Play or the App Store and can control Technotherm heaters in up to 9 different properties.

Please note: to use the Tydom Home – Smart Homehub, you will also need the Technotherm RF Thermostat. The Homehub cannot be used as a standalone product.