Technotherm TPF-Eco Radio Frequency Thermostat Controller


The TPF-Eco radio frequency thermostat is an essential component to any Technotherm infrared system and allows you to control and program your heaters from a single point of use. Once you’ve created your heating program, this digital thermostat sends the commands to the receivers in the back of each Technotherm infrared panel, telling them when to heat. The TPF-Eco can also be used alongside their optional Tydom Home - Smart Homehub for WiFi distance control.

Please note: the TPF-Eco must be purchased for any Technotherm infrared panel. Without it, the heaters will not operate.

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Gain full control over your Technotherm infrared panels by purchasing the TPF-Eco Radio Frequency Thermostat Controller. This fully programmable, wireless thermostat sends radio signals directly to the receivers built into your Technotherm panels, ensuring that your rooms are always at the temperatures which meet your needs.

With this controller, it’s never been easier to co-ordinate your heating with your lifestyle. Whether you like your rooms to be a bit warmer in the evenings, or you come home from work early on a Friday, this device will ensure your heating is always up to speed with your routine. Not only that, but, if ever your lifestyle changes, the intuitive controller interface makes it easy to update your heaters’ programming with any changes. Using a programmable thermostat is an excellent way to cut down the amount of energy you use for heating – and save money.

The TPF-Eco uses a radio frequency to communicate with your Technotherm panels, which are fitted as standard with in-built RF receivers. The TPF-Eco monitors the temperature in the room and signals the heaters when it’s time to switch off or switch on to maintain your preferred comfort levels. The fully wireless system means you can link the controller to your panels in seconds – no electrical wiring or invasive installation is required.

You can control up to nine panels with one TPF-Eco thermostat, however, you might prefer to use multiple thermostats and split your panels into zones. Zoning your heating is a great way to further cut down your energy usage, allowing you to set different temperatures and different schedules for different areas of your home. With zoning, you’ll never waste energy heating your dining room when you know that you will spend the majority of the day in your living room.

Modes & Features

The TPF-Eco comes with a number of customisable heating modes to choose from, including comfort, economy and frost protection. You can schedule your heating to switch to these modes at set times using the TPF-Eco’s programming function, or you can use the modes to temporarily override your programming, if ever you need a fixed temperature all day. The controller also comes equipped with two additional modes that temporarily overwrite your programming. “Party” mode lets you set a new temperature for a duration of your choice, while “Absence” mode sets your heating to kick in only when temperatures drop, to protect your plumbing when you’re away from home in winter.

For even closer control over your heating, the TPF-Eco is compatible with the Tydom Home - Smart Homehub, which gives you the power to control your infrared panels from any location, using your smartphone or tablet. With the Tydom app, you can gain access to your heating whilst out and about, making any changes to your heating schedules that you deem necessary. Caught up in traffic on the way home? You can simply hop on the app and program your infrared panels to come on later.  You must purchase both the TPF-Eco Thermostat and the Tydom Home - Smart Homehub to access full Wi-Fi control.

The TPF-Eco is intuitive and easy-to-use, with an electronic rotary switch which enables temperatures to be changed with ease, a large LCD display which allows you to see the settings clearly, and a blue backlight which ensures you can see the thermostat’s content under any lighting. The controller’s batteries can be replaced without any loss of programming, and it also comes equipped with a low battery indicator.