Tydom Home - Smart Homehub


The Tydom Home – Smart Homehub is a great way to upgrade your Technotherm infrared heating system and allows you to control each panel via WiFi using a smartphone or tablet. The Homehub simply plugs into your home router; then all you have to do is download the Tydom heating app to a compatible mobile device.

Please note: the Tydom Home requires the Technotherm TPF-Eco Thermostat for operation.

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** Please note the Tydom Home requires the TPF-Eco Thermostat to control your panels. You will need one thermostat for each zone you want to control **

Control your heating whilst on the go with the Tydom Home – Smart Homehub. This innovative device allows you to access your infrared panels using your smartphone or tablet, enabling you to program your heaters whenever and wherever you please.

By purchasing this gadget, you take your heating system to a whole new level of energy-efficiency. Downloading the Technotherm Tydom app means you can connect with your heaters at any point, checking temperatures or modifying programmes at your whim. All Technotherm panels come equipped with built-in radio frequency receivers, which can be controlled by the Technotherm TPF-Eco Radio Frequency Thermostat Controller. The TPF-Eco controller sends radio signals to the panels’ receivers, instructing them to turn on or off. With the Tydom Home controller, you can connect to the TPF-Eco through WiFi, and gain access to your heating system whilst outside of the household environment. Running late on your way home? Not an issue, use the app to set your infrared panels to come on in time for your arrival.

Modes and Features

The Tydom Home – Smart Homehub features a number of advanced modes and features, created to make controlling your heating as simple and efficient as possible. With the comprehensive Technotherm app, you can manage all your heating in one place for up to ten different locations. The app provides you with daily consumption ratings along with temperature reports in order to ensure that you are fully informed about your energy usage. This enables you to programme your heating in the most energy-efficient way, monitoring the progress of these settings and ultimately creating a heating schedule that not only ensures 24/7 household comfort, but also reduces your energy bills.

The app also features a photographic user interface function, which allows you to take photos of the different areas of your home and upload them to the relevant heating zones on your app. This function adds a unique visual element to the programming process; adjusting your downstairs heating becomes as simple as tapping an image of your living room and editing the schedule within.

The Tydom Home – Smart Homehub contains one radio interface and one cable to connect the device to your router. Up to 14 languages are available to choose from and the controller has a radio range of up to 300m, in open areas. This range will reduce somewhat when the signal has to travel through walls and furniture, but should still prove ample for even the largest households. The gadget is compatible with Android (2.3.3 upwards) and IOS5 operating systems, and it must be purchased with the Technotherm TPF-Eco Radio Frequency Thermostat Controller to enable interaction with your panels.