Technotherm ISP Frameless Infrared Heating Panels - White 600mm


The Technotherm ISP Frameless infrared panel range is electric heating with modern living in mind, offering a sleek and sophisticated alternative to traditional heating aesthetics. Each panel is just 15mm deep and as slim as a picture frame, freeing up floor space for your furnishings as well as keeping your rooms cosy. These radiant heat panels are finished in white for a neutral look and come in a range of sizes.

Please note: Technotherm infrared heating panels require the TPF-Eco thermostat in order to operate.

Grouped product items
Options & Sizes Qty
TTF35W-6 350w heats up to 7m2 600mm x 600mm x 15mm
RRP £352.5
Our Price £269.99 inc. VAT
TTF45W 450w heats up to 9m2 900mm x 600mm x 15mm
RRP £390
Our Price £310.99 inc. VAT
TTF75W 750w heats up to 15m2 1200mm x 600mm x 15mm
RRP £519.63
Our Price £399.99 inc. VAT
TTF95W 950w heats up to 19m2 1500mm x 600mm x 15mm
RRP £638.56
Our Price £469.99 inc. VAT
TTF120W 1200w heats up to 24m2 1800mm x 600mm x 15mm
RRP £774.63
Our Price £579.99 inc. VAT
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Technotherm Infrared Heating Panels give a whole new meaning to energy-efficient heating. Made from steel, with insulated backs and carbon wiring, these infrared panels will provide your rooms with optimum heating – minimising energy usage in the process. All of the panels in this range have a height of 600mm to fit larger wall spaces and come with a subtle white finish.

Manufactured in Germany, the Technotherm collection of frameless infrared panels combines comfort heating with style, providing you with a method of reducing your bills as well as enhancing your home décor. These heaters use carbon wiring stitched directly into a unique Matrix Heat Mat, providing a higher and more consistent warmth across each panel surface, whilst also helping to keep the wires fixed firmly into place. This heat-conductive textile mat is able to accommodate up to 10 times more heating wire than other brands to ensure every panel provides uniform and reliable warmth whenever they’re used. Additionally, Technotherm panels are rock wool insulated at the back, an innovative way of preventing any energy from being wasted by heating the wall.

These powder-coated panels are designed to be mounted onto walls or ceilings and can be fitted both horizontally and vertically. This can be done with the most basic of DIY knowledge. Simply use the screws and mounting brackets provided, plug into the nearest 13amp socket, and you’re all set!

Technotherm panels are safe, easy-to-use, and require the absolute minimum of maintenance. All you have to do is keep them clean. Technotherm panels reach temperatures of 70°C - 80°C, a temperature range which will provide a comfortable level of heat to any room. Ceiling mounting is a useful option which we recommend if you’re concerned about keeping young children or vulnerable adults away from the hot panels.

All Technotherm products undergo rigorous checks at every stage of manufacturing to meet their exceptionally high standards and are personally inspected by a quality control manager. They’re so confident in the construction of their products that Technotherm even provide a unique code in their guarantee certificates which helps them to identify who signed-off each individual appliance.

Thermostats & Controllers

Technotherm infrared panels come equipped with built-in radio frequency receivers, designed to be paired with the Technotherm TPF-Eco Radio Frequency Thermostat. This thermostat gives you complete control over your panels without the need for any professional wiring or installation. The TPF-Eco simply monitors the room’s temperature and sends signals to your panels when it is time to switch on or off. Its advanced controls also allow you to create a 24/7 personalised heating schedule, which will ultimately make your heating system more energy-efficient and effective, helping you make huge savings on your monthly bills. The TPF-Eco Radio Frequency Thermostat is a necessary purchase because it sends commands to the infrared panels to heat. Without it, the panels will not operate.

To gain further control over your heating, we recommend purchasing the Technotherm Eco Interface 1.0 Internet Heating Controller. This innovative gadget allows you to control your infrared panels from any location via your smartphone or tablet. With the TTi heating app, you can manage your heating completely using its intuitive user interface. The app can be downloaded via Google Play or the App Store and can control up to 32 Technotherm appliances. This innovative controller is designed to communicate with the TPF-Eco Temperature Controller, therefore both products must be purchased in order to access full Wi-Fi control.