Herschel California Infrared Heater - Silver 2kW with Remote


The Herschel California Infrared Heater is a sophisticated and elegant heating appliance, finished in sleek and stylish silver. With a high 2000w output, the California is perfect for larger, open-plan spaces, which is why it works so well in commercial properties. It is suitable for indoor and sheltered outdoor installation and its user-friendly remote gives you that extra level of control over your heating.  

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The Herschel California is a 2000w medium-wave infrared heater, designed for use in commercial spaces where aesthetics are as important as performance. Manufactured in silver anodised aluminium, the California uses a hardwearing carbon heating element that makes it a reliable and attractive infrared heating option.

The California comes with two heater settings, adjustable using the remote control. Depending on the situation, you can choose from half or full power for gentle or vigorous heating. The California comes with an integrated timer function, allowing you to control the heater for up to 9 hours of use before automatically switching off. The current heater setting will be displayed on the LED panel next to the power button for easy recognition. Use the simple-to-use remote control for speedy adjustments to the California, pressing the up and down arrows that correspond to the timer and heat output. All Herschel remote controls use the same frequency, so you can even control multiple Herschel heaters from one remote.

The California is completely silent when in operation and uses a low-glare carbon heating element that offers 10,000+ hours of use, making it ideal for use in busy commercial settings where the harsh brightness of conventional quartz heaters might be too intense.

Intended for use in sheltered outdoor and unenclosed indoor areas, the California is an adaptable commercial heater suitable for a range of applications. The intensity and scope of the Colorado’s heat output depends on the height at which it is installed, with its maximum 14m² area being achieved at a height of 3.5 from the floor, perfect for draughty public spaces like reception areas or commercial atriums. At a reduced height of 2.5m from the floor, the California will produce a more intense heat that’s ideal for combatting the weather in exposed outdoor areas like café terraces or restaurant seating areas. As the installation height is lowered, the intensity of the heat increases. For outdoor installation, due to the effects of the weather, the California’s maximum heat coverage is reduced to 9m². The California can also be used freestanding with the Ecostrad Infrared Patio Heater Stand.

The Herschel California has a superior design not often found on infrared heaters of this type. Also available in black and special edition gold, this model of the Herschel California is finished in an elegant silver, making it as contemporary and stylish as it is powerful and versatile. Ideal for locations in public view, the California blends effortless style with high performing infrared heating.

The Benefits of Mediumwave Infrared

Infrared heaters are the ideal heating solution for commercial and outdoor locations because of the type of heat they use. Unlike conventional heaters, that create warmth by heating up the surrounding air and circulating it around a room, the Herschel California uses infrared radiation to create warmth. Radiation travels in a straight line from its source, bypassing the air altogether and warming up anything in its path. A more efficient and direct method of transferring heat, radiant heat can’t be affected by breezes or draughts, making it the perfect solution for outdoor heating.

The type of infrared used by the Herschel California is medium-wave infrared. Medium-wave infrared is stronger than the gentle heat produced by ceramic heaters but not as harsh as the heat created by quartz heaters. The best of both worlds, medium-wave infrared provides vigorous heat that doesn’t feel unnatural or uncomfortable.

The California uses an innovative carbon filament within a quartz bulb. Carbon filaments take a few moments to warm up but provide a more pleasant warmth than their tungsten counterparts. Mirrored aluminium reflectors within the California’s housing help to reflect the heat outwards by up to 98%, reducing heat loss from the rear of the heater. These reflectors also help to reduce the amount of visible light created by the bulb. For discreet and long-lasting heat, the California’s medium-wave infrared is second to none.