Herschel Colorado Infrared Heater - Black 2.5kW with Remote


This version of the Herschel Colorado Infrared Heater comes with a remote to give you that extra controllability over your heating. Select between four heat levels or set a timer for the perfect warmth just when you need it. Effective and discreet, the Colorado provides mediumwave heat to help combat those hard-to-heat spaces.    

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  • Product Details
    • Sophisticated Black Finish
    • Discreet Heating Solution
    • Effective Mediumwave Infrared
    • Low-Glare Heating Element
    • Perfect for Commercial Properties
    • 4 Heat Settings & Timer Function
    • Wall & Ceiling Mounted Options
    • Remote Control Included
    • IP55 Protection Rating
    • 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Product Specifications
    More Information
    SKU 12501042
    Brand Herschel
    Product Weight (kg) 3
    Depth (mm) 85
    Height (mm) 195
    Width (mm) 879
    Wattage (w) 2500
    Cable Length (m) 2
    IP Rating IP55
    IEC Class Protection Class I
    Suitable for Bathrooms Zone 1, 2 & 3
    Outdoor Heat Area - Max (m²) 12
    Outdoor Heat Area - Min (m²) 7
    Room Size - Modern Insulation (m²) 18
    Room Size - Poor Insulation (m²) 10
  • Manuals & Installation

    Click here to view the Herschel Colorado Infrared Heater datasheet.

    Click here to view the Herschel Colorado Infrared Heater installation manual.

    The Herschel Colorado is not suitable for DIY installation and must be installed by a professional electrician.

    In an outdoor setting, the Colorado will heat a maximum area of 12m² at 3.5m from the floor. At 2.5m from the floor, it will heat an area of 7m². For exposed outdoor areas prone to heavy gusts or winds, a quartz heater may be a more suitable option. Although the heated area will decrease as the Colorado is brought closer to the floor, the intensity of the heat will increase - so please take this into consideration when positioning your heaters. In an indoor setting at 3.5m from the floor, the Colorado can heat areas up to 18m². At 2.5m from the floor, it will heat an area of 12m². 

    The Colorado can be installed indoors and outdoors, either as a freestanding unit, when purchased with a compatible stand, or as a ceiling or wall mounted heater using the brackets provided. The Colorado must be mounted at least 500mm from walls and ceilings: it cannot be installed any lower than 1.8m from the floor. Ensure the Colorado is positioned between a 0° - 45° angle beneath the horizontal to avoid activating the safety tilt switch.

    The Herschel Colorado has an IP55 rating, protecting it from low pressure jets of water and the ingress of fine particles. This rating makes the Colorado suitable for outdoor installation, however, you may wish to opt for a heater with a higher rating for particularly exposed or harsh outdoor locations.

    Please note: the quartz bulb inside the heater is fragile. Handle the heater with care when unpackaging, removing the foam spacer and installing. 

  • Warranty
    Herschel Colorado Infrared Heaters come with a 2 Year Manufacturer’s Guarantee.
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The Herschel Colorado is a powerful 2500w medium-wave infrared heater, designed for unenclosed indoor and sheltered outdoor commercial spaces. The Colorado’s durable carbon heating element and high-quality aluminium body make it a premium infrared product.

The Colorado comes with four incremental heater settings ranging from 25% of its full output to 100%, which means you can enjoy mild background heating as well as powerful, invigorating warmth. The Colorado comes with an integrated timer function that can be used to control the heater for up to 9 hours before automatically switching off. Completely silent when in operation, the Colorado uses a low-glare carbon heating element that offers 10,000+ hours of use – providing long lasting, comfortable heat without the harsh brightness of other quartz heaters.

Designed to be used in both sheltered outdoor and unenclosed indoor locations, the Colorado is a versatile commercial heater suitable for a range of applications. The intensity and scope of the Colorado’s heat output depends on the height at which it is installed, with its maximum outdoor heating range of 12m² being achieved at a height of 3.5m from the floor. At a reduced height of 2.5m², the Colorado will produce a more intense and focused warmth, perfect for heating exposed outdoor spaces, such as restaurant seating areas. For outdoor use, the Colorado’s maximum heating range is reduced to 12m² as the weather can dampen and disperse the full effects of the heat. For indoor use, the Colorado’s maximum 18m² area is achieved at a height of 3.5m off the ground, ideal for expansive indoor environments like loading bays or large industrial workshops. The Colorado can also be used freestanding with the Ecostrad Infrared Patio Heater Stand.

The Herschel Colorado sports a classic, understated appearance that’s ideal for bustling café terraces and public halls, as well as industrial environments such as loading bays and workshops. Finished in a smart black powder coat, the Colorado looks at home in any environment, in or out of the public eye. 

The Benefits of Mediumwave Infrared

Infrared heaters are the ideal heating solution for commercial and outdoor locations because of the type of heat they use. Unlike conventional heaters, that create warmth by heating up the surrounding air and circulating it around the room, the Herschel Colorado uses infrared radiation to create warmth. Radiation travels in a straight line from its source, bypassing the air altogether and warming up anything in its path. A more efficient and direct method of transferring heat, radiant heat can’t be affected by breezes or draughts, making it the perfect solution for outdoor heating.

The type of infrared used by the Herschel Colorado is medium-wave infrared. Medium-wave infrared is stronger than the gentle heat produced by ceramic heaters but not as harsh as the heat created by quartz heaters. The best of both worlds, medium-wave infrared provides vigorous heat that doesn’t feel unnatural or uncomfortable.

The Colorado uses an innovative carbon filament within a quartz bulb. Carbon filaments take a few moments to warm up but provide a more pleasant warmth than their tungsten counterparts. Mirrored aluminium reflectors within the Colorado’s housing help to reflect the heat outwards by up to 98%, reducing heat loss from the rear of the heater. These reflectors also help to reduce the amount of visible light created by the bulb. For discreet and long-lasting heat, the Colorado’s medium-wave infrared is second to none.

Thermostats & Controllers

This version of the Herschel Colorado is supplied with a remote control, so you can adjust the heater settings and set the timer function from afar. Using the remote control is quick and easy, simply press the up and down push-buttons to cycle through the heater settings, and to add an hour at a time to the timer. Without the remote control, the Colorado will simply heat at full power when it is switched on. The integrated timer function cannot be used without the remote. If using indoors, you may want to wire the Colorado into a thermostat, such as the Salus Wireless. Thermostats allow to you regulate temperatures and avoid wasteful heating.