Why Infrared Heating?

Herschel XL Glass Infrared Heating Panel

Infrared heating is the heating solution of the future. It’s energy efficient, cost-effective, stylish and really the best way to update your heating system. So, without further ado, here are 5 reasons why you should choose infrared.


1. Eco-friendly

Wind turbineInfrared is an effective source of heat as it warms people and objects directly instead of just heating the air. The warmth is absorbed by these objects and re-radiates back into the room so essentially, the room transforms into a 360° heater. This means that you retain more warmth as the heat isn’t lost through open doors or windows, making infrared a much more efficient way of heating your home. Infrared heaters typically have lower wattages than most other electric heater alternatives and can be paired with renewable electricity for a truly green heating system.


2. The natural choice

Infrared is the most natural way to heat your home and is the heat source that we experience on a daily basis. If you’ve ever sat on a busy train, gone outside just to sunbathe or relaxed in front of a fire, then you have already experienced the benefits of natural radiant heat. With infrared heaters, you feel the same warmth that you would from the sun, only without the dangers of UV rays. It is the heat that we all emit but also the heat that we absorb when we are cold. Infrared warms the very fabric of your home to produce comfortable, lasting heat to any room.


3. Long-lasting and fuss-free

Herschel Mirror Infrared PanelInfrared heaters have been built to last, boasting long lifespans to guarantee you quality heating for years to come. With a simple design and no moving parts, there is no need for annual inspection or maintenance. They run on electricity, so you can find complete peace of mind without having to worry about the threat of carbon monoxide. Once an infrared heater has been fitted correctly all you need is a dry cloth for occasional dusting and you’re good to go.


4. Reduces condensation and prevents damp  

By supplying such a deep level of warmth, infrared heaters keep your walls dry, preventing them from accumulating condensation and developing damp. This is especially beneficial if you want to install an infrared heater in the bathroom or kitchen or any areas where you would want to avoid mould, dry rot or flaking paintwork. These heaters also don’t disturb any dust, so you’ll always find yourself benefitting from better air quality.


5. Modern and versatile   

We offer a variety of different infrared heaters that come in a range of sizes and designs to suit any room. For discreet heating, our ultra-slim infrared heating panels will blend in with any décor. If you like to entertain guests in the garden, our sophisticated patio heaters may be more your style. We also have practical commercial heaters designed to warm up all types of businesses. So, you’ll be sure to find the perfect fit for your home or workspace.


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