Infrared Heaters for Cafés

Outdoor Cafe SeatingCafés place as much importance on their exteriors as they do their interiors, because unlike many other businesses, they thrive on the appeal of their inviting storefronts. Some alfresco spaces can be as simple as a few street-side tables and chairs, whereas other cafés may have expansive seating areas under awnings. With customers coming and going throughout the day, it’s important for cafés to be as adequately heated outside as they are inside, and for complete commercial heating, only infrared can deliver.


Mensa Heating Imus HeatersCommercial Outdoor Heaters for Alfresco Dining

Only the most determined customers will have the fortitude to sit outside during the colder weather, and with our less than tropical UK climate, this can reduce a business’s seating capacity significantly. The only solution which will benefit both customers and business owners alike is to make these alfresco dining areas more welcoming throughout the year. Infrared heaters can transform outdoor café seating spaces by keeping them comfortably and efficiently well-heated. Rather than these spaces only seeing use throughout the summer, electric outdoor heaters can make exterior seating spaces a welcoming prospect even in the cooler months, allowing cafés to operate at maximum capacity. A well-heated outdoor seating area encourages customers to stay longer and can help to earn repeat business. Choosing between a café with outdoor heating and one without is never a difficult prospect for potential patrons, who will more often than not, vote with their wallets! Electric outdoor heaters are best for businesses because they offer instant, hassle-free heat with the flick of a switch. There’s none of the fuss of preparing and maintaining gas heaters; infrared patio heaters provide heat exactly when you need it and many models come with their own remote control for easy heat management.



Comfortable Indoor Heating with Infrared

Herchel Ceramic HeaterInfrared isn’t just limited to space heating outside – it’s the only heating system that can be used throughout a property, indoor and outdoor. To keep customers and staff comfortably warm, we have a range of infrared heaters available, from sophisticated infrared panels, to discreet and powerful commercial ceramic heaters. Indoor infrared heaters use a gentler form of radiant heat that’s the same as the warmth produced by the human body. This type of radiation, called far infrared, is ideal for comfort heating as it’s easily absorbed by the skin and provides a lasting sensation of warmth. It’s the same feeling as sitting outside on a sunny day except you won’t have to worry about any UV rays – infrared heaters are completely safe and only emit infrared.

The best part about using infrared indoors is that, unlike convection-based systems, you don’t need to worry about losing heat from your premises as exterior doors open and close. Infrared provides direct heat so any warmth goes straight to the end user. In the same way the warmth from the sun is able to travel through the vacuum of space, infrared doesn’t rely on air as a medium to transmit heat. This means that even as customers come and go, none of the heat from your infrared products is blown away by air movement. Infrared is absorbed by people, objects and surfaces so your property retains more warmth and will have a more even ambient temperature from floor to ceiling. Another benefit of infrared heaters is their discreet warmth – no noisy fans, no bulky white heaters monopolising wall space, your infrared heating system will retreat into the background unnoticed and never detract from your café’s cosmopolitan atmosphere.


Café Infrared Heating – Style & Efficiency

No matter whether you’re looking for commercial patio heaters for your outdoor space or radiant panels for your main indoor seating area, we’ve got a wide range of products to suit cafés of all sizes. Browse our range of slimline infrared panels that are as efficient as they are stylish. We offer mirror panels ideal for cloakrooms, sleek glass panels for extra visual impact, as well as lightweight powder-coated panels for versatile installation. For indoor-outdoor spaces, take a look at our collection of no-glare products including chic matt-finish strip heaters, and compact and effective ceramic heaters. We’ve curated a diverse selection of products to suit all spaces, from halogen heaters to cutting-edge carbon fibre models, so whatever your needs, get in touch with us at Infrared Heaters Direct.


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