Herschel Select XLS Glass Infrared Towel Rail - White 700w


Keep your towels dry whilst benefiting from the comfortable radiant warmth that the Herschel Select XLS Glass Infrared Towel Rail has to offer. With a 700w power output capable of heating a room of up to 12m2 this infrared panel is perfect for bathroom installation. Compatible with the Herschel Select XLS Control System, you can experience convenient control at your fingertips.

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The Herschel Select XLS Glass Towel Rail is a multi-functional infrared heater that delivers effective home heating whilst also drying your towels. With its contemporary, frameless design the Select XLS Towel rail offers a tasteful aesthetic. Practical and easy to use, this is the ideal choice for heating your bathroom.

Using infrared radiant heat, the Herschel Select XLS Glass Towel Rail delivers direct warmth that is less likely to be lost through draughts. This radiant heat will instead get absorbed by the walls and that warmth will then re-radiate back into the room, preventing water vapour from settling. This is especially beneficial when installing this towel rail in the bathroom. To maximise comfort and efficiency, the 700w Select XLS Towel Rail uses innovative dual heating technology that allows for variable surface temperature. So, although the bottom of the heater stays at 45 °C to heat your towels, the top half will reach temperatures between 85 – 105 °C to ensure that you still get to experience that comfortable warmth.

Smooth, rounded sides give the Select XLS Towel Rail a sleek and sophisticated appearance and with no sharp edges this heater is more child friendly. As an added precaution, the Select XLS Towel Rail also comes with safety glass that crumbles instead of shattering in the event of impact.


With an in-built SMART-R receiver on the back, the Herschel Select XLS Glass Towel Rail can be paired with the following thermostats:

  • BT Battery Powered Thermostat
  • PL Plug-in Thermostat
  • MT Mains Powered Thermostat


All three thermostats offer manual control, so that you can directly manage your heating at home. The BT Battery Powered Thermostat is quick and easy to set up as it does not have to be hardwired to the mains, making it the much safer option for the bathroom. Instead this portable thermostat runs on batteries and must be kept in Zone 3 of the bathroom, to keep it away from the bath and shower. The MT Mains Powered Thermostat must be hardwired in Zone 3 by a professional. It provides control via an app so that no matter where you are in the world, you can adjust your heating from the palm of your hand. The MT Mains Powered Thermostat is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home giving you the option of voice controlled, hands-free heat management.

The PL Plug-in Thermostat offers basic manual control, but primarily functions through its advanced WiFi control capabilities, so that you can manage every aspect of your heating with your smart device. If you prefer to manage your heating through voice commands, this thermostat is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. The PL Plug-in Thermostat cannot be installed in the bathroom as a socket is needed for power, however, it can still be paired with the Select XLS Towel Rail.

If you purchase the Herschel Select XLS Towel Rail and you already have an existing control system, then there is a receiver bypass option that enables you to wire the panel into an alternate system. This is the perfect option if you already have other Herschel products or would like to mix and match your heaters.

The Herschel Select XLS Towel Rail comes with a 5 year warranty that covers both the panel and the receiver.