Ecostrad Opus iQ WiFi Controlled Infrared Ceiling Panel - 320w (705 x 605mm)


Heat rooms efficiently and effectively with the Ecostrad Opus iQ WiFi Controlled Infrared Ceiling Panel. This 320w infrared heater can warm rooms up to 6m² and is designed for a discreet, ceiling mounted fitting that keeps your walls free for other furnishings. Each unit is ready for app control as soon as it’s set up so all you need to do is connect it to your home router and enjoy easy heat management from anywhere in the world.

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The Ecostrad Opus iQ WiFi Controlled Infrared Ceiling Panel is an innovative modern heater that’s superb for commercial and domestic interiors. It’s a smart heater designed for a discreet ceiling mounted fitting that not only provides the largest spread of heat but also prevents any accidental contact with its hot surface.

The Opus emits a gentle heat called far infrared, which is absorbed by the fabric of your property, keeping rooms warmer for longer. Unlike convection heaters, infrared isn’t affected by air movement and provides an enduring form of warmth that heats rooms using less energy. Opus panels use a carbon crystal film element that efficiently conducts heat and allows the appliance to be extra lightweight. These elements are covered with a patented coating that’s fire resistant, protecting the elements and allowing for improved heat conduction. Ecostrad’s premium Opus panels have a layer of polyurethane insulation at the rear to prevent heat loss to the wall and ensure warmth is directed out into the room.

The biggest strength of the Opus iQ is that it’s WiFi ready out of the box – all you need to do is set up the heater then download the Smart Life app to your phone or tablet. Each heater has a receiver that connects directly to your router so no extra accessories are needed. Once it’s paired to your home network, you can then connect it to the app and program your heater from anywhere in the world with a simple swipe and tap of your phone screen. The Smart Life app allows you to create a custom schedule for every day of the week, setting multiple heating intervals that are timed down to each individual minute. The app even lets you adjust your heating from the comfort of your chair with its integrated Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice control.

Opus iQ infrared heating panels are supplied with their own wireless temperature sensor which relays the ambient temperature of your room to the app. Each sensor can be paired with an unlimited number of heaters, giving you the freedom to group heaters together so that they follow the same schedule. The sensor can be either wall mounted or used with the desk stand provided. If you would prefer to wire the panel into a different external thermostat, or if you want to use it manually, a bypass switch on the rear of the heater can be used to suspend the connection with the supplied controller.

This Opus iQ panel can be installed in two different ways: you can purchase it with a direct mounting kit for a fitting that’s tight to the ceiling, or purchase it with a suspension kit which can be the better choice for high-ceilinged rooms.

Ecostrad Opus iQ Room Heating
the Intelligent Way
Ceiling Mounted Fitting
Offering multiple ways to install, Ecostrad Opus iQ infrared ceiling panels are a discreet solution that ensures your heating blends into your interiors.
WiFi Compatible
Download the Smart Life app to a phone or tablet and control your Ecostrad Opus iQ from anywhere in the world with its WiFi connectivity.
Voice Control
The Opus iQ infrared heating panel is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant so you can adjust your heating without leaving your chair.
Premium Aesthetic
Finished with a chic, frameless aesthetic, the Opus is a versatile designer heater that will enhance the look of almost any interior design scheme.
Comfortable Heat
Opus iQ infrared panels produce far infrared which is a gentle form of warmth that’s absorbed by walls and surfaces for long-lasting heat.
5 Year Warranty on Body
Every Opus iQ infrared ceiling panel comes with a 5 Year Warranty on the heater body and a 1 Year Warranty on the receiver so you can buy with confidence.
Hidden Heating with a Designer Finish
The Ecostrad Opus iQ infrared ceiling panel is an unassuming heat source that’s kept out of eye level, providing all-day warmth without attracting attention. Its elegant modern design is perfectly complemented by its smart WiFi control, which allows you to program your heating from a phone or tablet no matter where you are – it’s total convenience in the palm of your hand.
Lower wattage, same effective heat

Opus iQ infrared ceiling panels are able to use a lower wattage to heat rooms compared to their wall mounted counterparts due to their fitting location. As they’re installed on the ceiling, they stay warmer for longer because heat naturally rises to the top of the room; this means they don’t need to use as much power to maintain the same temperature. By opting for a ceiling mounted heating solution, you can warm interiors using less energy overall which means even bigger long-term savings on running costs.

Three ways to install

Ecostrad Opus iQ infrared ceiling panels are designed to be as versatile as possible and can be installed in three different ways to suit the space you need to heat:

Direct mounted to the ceiling When purchased with the direct mounting kit, these panels can be installed so that they’re fixed tight to the surface of the ceiling, offering an unobtrusive look that blends in with your interior décor. This type of fitting is great for rooms with a standard ceiling height. Suspended from the ceiling Purchase the suspension kit if you have a high-ceilinged property and need to bring the panels closer to the floor. The kit comes supplied with wires that can be cut to the required length so you can easily keep the panels at the ideal height. Installed in a ceiling grid The 270w infrared panel in the Accent IR range is just the right size to fit into suspended ceiling grids in offices and other commercial locations. When used in this way, it will neatly slot into place without the need to purchase any installation kits.
Heating control that’s always to hand

The Ecostrad Opus iQ’s WiFi connectivity allows you to control your heaters from anywhere in the world so you can adjust your heating whenever or wherever you please. Programming your heating is easy with the Smart Life app – its user-friendly interface lets you set a custom schedule for every day of the week and fine-tune your start and end times down to the minute. Create multiple heating intervals so every part of your home can stay in perfect sync with your lifestyle. The Smart Life app can also group heaters together so that they follow the same routine. Program your living room infrared panels to heat in time for when you arrive home and set all of your bedroom heaters to switch on later when you’re ready for bed. Whatever your routine, the Opus iQ will always keep in step with your habits, and if you need to react to a sudden change in plans, your home heating is only ever as far as your phone.

“Alexa, set heater to 20 degrees”

Controlling your heater really can be as easy as that with the Opus iQ’s voice control compatibility. Designed to work with Amazon and Google Home smart speakers, you can adjust temperatures and switch heaters on and off with a simple voice command. It’s a fantastic choice if you need your heaters to integrate with an existing smart home system or if you simply want the option of hands-free control. The Smart Life app even allows you to set a custom name for each heater in your property so you can refer to them in a way that’s more intuitive.

External controller compatible

If you have another control system you want to wire the heater into, all you have to do is use the bypass switch on the rear of the Opus iQ panel. This switch breaks the connection with the wireless thermostat and allows the heater to follow the instructions your external controller, so you’re free to change how you manage your heating further down the line.

Lot 20 Compliant
The Opus iQ’s in-depth weekly programming and WiFi distance control makes it fully Lot 20 compliant for energy-efficient heating.
Zero Maintenance
Infrared panels like the Opus iQ require little upkeep and have a simple design for increased longevity and reliability.
Recyclable Aluminium
Opus iQ infrared wall panels have a lightweight aluminium frame which can be infinitely reused when recycled responsibly.