In the vast majority of cases, the answer is ‘no’ – outdoor heaters are specialised products with a specialised use and it would be unwise to use them outside of their intended context. The only occasional exception to this rule is infrared patio heaters. The broad spectrum of infrared radiation makes these heaters some of the most versatile heating products available. At one end of the scale, they can produce a radiant warmth gentle enough for chick incubators, and at the other end, they’re capable of creating a vigorous heat to keep you cosy outdoors. This refusal to be pigeonholed is infrared’s greatest strength – there are no defined boarders and you’ll find that many heaters work in a variety of installation locations. Even products that fall under the mantle of ‘patio heaters’ can still be used indoors but, as with all things in life, everything depends on the circumstances.

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