If you’re looking to give your home a heating overhaul, infrared heaters are the way to go. Not only are they an efficient, cost-effective and zero-maintenance alternative to gas radiators, their versatility in design, installation and programming means there’s a style to suit every room. To get you inspired, we’ve combed through our extensive collection to showcase some of our favourites. From your kitchen to your spare room, this guide has you covered.

Can you heat your entire home with infrared heaters?

Yes, it’s more than possible to install infrared heaters throughout your home. The main thing to know beforehand is that professional hardwiring is a must when installing multiple heaters to avoid overloading the ring main. This is a standard job for any electrician and can be done in a day, so you’ll be enjoying the soothing, long-lasting warmth of your infrared heaters in no time.

Here are just a few of the many benefits of heating your home with infrared:

100% radiant heat

For a truly long-lasting form of warmth, infrared heaters emit heat directionally without disturbing the air. Radiant warmth is absorbed by the people, objects and walls in its path, which in turn re-radiate the heat back into the room.

Superior efficiency

Every watt of energy drawn from the wall is converted into useable warmth, ensuring you’re only paying for the heat you use. Plus, when paired with a green energy provider, you get the added benefit of a carbon neutral heating system from start to finish.

Zero maintenance

With no moving parts or risk of carbon monoxide leaks, safety and durability is guaranteed, so you don’t have to worry about annual servicing.

24/7 programming

Chock-full of features to streamline energy usage, set bespoke schedules and take advantage of energy-saving heating modes to ultimately slim down on bills.

Zoned heating

Free from the constraints of plumbing, pipework, and a centralised boiler system, infrared heaters work independently from each other. This means heating your home on a room-by-room basis instead of wasting money on the areas that aren’t in use.

What about running costs?

If you’re worried about a whole houseful of infrared heaters leaving you with a hefty energy bill, it’s important to remember that, while electricity is more expensive than gas, infrared heaters are primed to help you slim down your heating bills thanks to their advanced efficiency and programming prowess. To get a better idea of the running costs of infrared, check out this blog.

Now you know the benefits, it’s time to explore the true mix-and-match potential of infrared heaters by checking out our room-by-room guide:

The kitchen

Considered by many to be the heart of the home, the kitchen is a spot for families to sit around the table and catch up over a hearty home-cooked meal. When it comes to heating, you’ve got two main things to work around: your kitchen’s limited wall space and all the excess moisture that comes from cooking. Infrared heaters are not only flexible when it comes to installation, they combat condensation by not disturbing air movement. With their warmth sinking deeply into walls, any hot air created through boiling the kettle or opening the oven door is able to stably dissipate without creating any drastic differences between air and wall temperatures – the likes of which can lead to damp and mould.

Our recommended kitchen heater: Technotherm ISP Frameless Infrared Heating Panels

Top 3 features

The Technotherm ISP Frameless Infrared Heating Panels range encompasses an extensive collection of sizes, wattages and colour finishes, so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect style for your kitchen. With outstanding build quality tantamount to German expertise, Technotherm panels are made from sturdy steel and insulated with rock wool, with their carbon wiring stitched into a unique Matrix Heat Mat for improved efficiency. Pairable with the Tydom Home for in-depth WiFi control, you can also choose your preferred mounting option with all panels suitable for either wall or ceiling installation – a welcome option where busy kitchen layouts are concerned!

The living room

Your living room tends to see the most activity day-to-day; it’s the main hub for entertaining guests, spending time with family, and catching up on your never-ending list of TV shows. If you want to leave your heating on throughout the day without risking excess heating bills, you’ll benefit most from a heater that emits far infrared. This is a particularly soothing form of heat that’s also the most long-lasting, so you’ll be benefiting from its cosy warmth even after it’s stopped drawing power from the wall.

Our recommended living room heater: Ecostrad Opus iQ 

Top 3 features

The Ecostrad Opus iQ is the ideal living room heater, able to integrate seamlessly with any design scheme thanks to its frameless body, crisp white finish and slimline 25mm depth. Emitting far infrared, each panel comes with a wireless room temperature sensor accurate to ±0.5ºC, for consistent, reliable heating 24/7. With the option of wall or ceiling panels, the Opus iQ is extremely adaptable, and with WiFi app and voice control, you can control the Opus without even getting up from your chair!

The bedroom

The bedroom is where you start your day every morning, and there’s nothing worse than waking up to a cold chill as you unenthusiastically emerge from beneath the covers. Choosing an infrared heater with adaptive start is a lifesaver when it comes to bedroom heating. This nifty, energy-saving feature will preheat the unit, so your bedroom is at optimal levels of comfort at the exact time you need it. So, if work demands a 6:00am wakeup, adaptive start means no more ice-cold surprises.

Our recommended bedroom heater: Ecostrad Accent IR

Top 3 features

The Ecostrad Accent IR’s sleek framing and ultra slimline 22mm depth make it a stylish and subtle heating solution for bedrooms. With convenient point & click remote control, make changes from the comfort of your bed, or pair it with your choice of controller to integrate it with the rest of your home’s heating system. The Accent’s in-built energy-saving features include adaptive start for those cosy morning wakeups, as well as open window detection – this switches the panel to a low-energy heating mode if it detects a sudden drop in temperature. The Accent IR’s 24/7 programming feature means you can maintain ideal temperatures throughout the week, making your bedroom a toasty haven year-round.

The bathroom

Water stains, dampness, and foggy mirrors – they’re the unavoidable consequences of long baths and hot showers. When your bathroom is particularly damp-prone or struggles for wall space, your heating needs to be a bit more creative than just a standard towel rail. An infrared panel with a mirrored surface is the ideal solution.Not only does it naturally combat damp and mould, it’ll also remain fog-free even after the hottest of showers.

Our recommended bathroom heater: Herschel Select XLS Mirror

Top 3 features

The Herschel Select XLS Mirror houses its infrared panel behind a layer of insulation and reflective surface – providing your bathroom with a stylish decorative feature that also delivers soothing, efficient warmth whenever you need. Pairing the XLS with a compatible thermostat gives you the choice of sleek manual control – adjust temperatures, set timers, and enable energy-saving heating modes. In the case of a WiFi thermostat, you’ll have access to remote heat management and handsfree voice control, for next-level bathroom heating.

The spare room

Whether your spare room is reserved for guests or used in a more multi-functional manner like an office, home gym or games room, you might find this sporadically used space doesn’t require permanent heating. That’s why spare rooms will benefit most from a freestanding infrared heater: set it up DIY-style in a matter of minutes and leave it running for however long you need, whether that’s pattering away at your keyboard or letting visitors relax in comfort. With overheat protection and thermal limiters, portable heaters are primed to operate on a touch-safe level.

Our recommended spare room heater: Herschel Select Under Desk

Top 3 features

The Herschel Select Under Desk is ideal for rooms that require heating on an ad-hoc basis. As the name goes, you can tuck it by your feet as you spend long hours at your desk, or keep it out in the open to deliver gentle far infrared heat to guests. With DIY-friendly installation, simply mount the heater to the feet provided and plug it into a 3-pin socket. You can use the convenient foot pedal for manual on/off control, or connect it to your smartphone or voice assistant for cutting-edge smart management. With a maximum temperature of 37°C and safety thermal cut-out feature, this ground-level heater is safe, efficient, and ideal for bringing those lesser-used rooms up to temperature.

An infrared heater for every space

The versatility of infrared means they’re not just limited to the indoors: why not enjoy your morning coffee on the patio beneath the gentle warmth of the Ecostrad Thermaglo, or tinker away at your next project in the garage studio with the help of the Ecostrad Thermostrip? Whatever your infrared heating needs, we have the biggest range at the best price, so shop our full range today.