Ecostrad Thermostrip Infrared Heaters


The Ecostrad Thermostrip is a contemporary heating appliance perfect for large, open interiors. Finished in matt black and sporting a sleek design, the Thermostrip is subtle and discreet. It provides all-day heating, producing gentle far infrared warmth that is both soothing and long-lasting. With different sizes available there’s a Thermostrip to suit every indoor space.

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Options & Sizes Qty
EcoStrip18 1800w heats up to 10m2 1200mm x 154mm x 70mm
Our Price £199.99 inc. VAT
EcoStrip32 3200w heats up to 24m2 1852mm x 154mm x 70mm
Our Price £299.99 inc. VAT
  • Product Details
    • Gentle Radiant Warmth
    • Zero Light & No Glare
    • Matt Black Finish
    • Thermostat Compatible
    • Basic On/Off Control
    • Ideal for Large Open Interiors
    • Wall & Ceiling Installation
    • Suitable for Domestic & Commercial Use
    • Robust IP65 Protection Rating
    • 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Product Specifications
    More Information
    SKU 12541
    Brand Ecostrad
    Product Weight (kg) 4.9 - 7.7
    Depth (mm) 70
    Height (mm) 154
    Width (mm) 1200 - 1938
    Wattage (w) 1800 - 3200
    Cable Length (m) 1.8
    IP Rating IP65
    Suitable for Bathrooms Not Suitable
    IEC Class Protection Class I
    Room Size - Modern Insulation (m²) 10 - 24
    Room Size - Poor Insulation (m²) 6 - 18
    Outdoor Heat Area - Max (m²) N/A
    Outdoor Heat Area - Min (m²) N/A
  • Manuals & Installation

    Download the Ecostrad Thermostrip specification here.

    Download the Ecostrad Thermostrip datasheet here.

    Download the Ecostrad Thermostrip 1.8kW instruction manual here.

    Download the Ecostrad Thermostrip 3.2kW instruction manual here.

    1.8kW Ecostrad Thermostrips come with a plug for easy DIY installation. The larger, 3.2kW Thermostrips must be hardwired by a professional electrician. Care must always be taken when using multiple radiators or heaters to avoid overloading the ring main of your property.

    The Ecostrad Thermostrip infrared heater can be wall or ceiling mounted using the fixtures and fittings provided. Please ensure that the heater is mounted as per the manufacturer’s guidelines: no lower than 2.1m from the floor and at least 50cm away from any adjacent walls. If wall mounted, the Thermostrip should always be horizontally level with its control panel aligned to the left. The front face of the Thermostrip reaches high temperatures and in all instances, it should never be installed where there is risk of physical contact with the heater. Newer models of the Ecostrad Thermostrip have larger brackets, which increases the mounting distance from 160mm to 200mm.

    This product has an IP65 rating which means it is resistant to low pressure jets of water and is dust-tight.

    Best Practice

    The Thermostrip should only be used in interiors where there is little air movement because wind-chill can offset the feeling of far infrared warmth. We do not recommend it for any location that is exposed to frequent draughts, e.g. beneath awnings, near roller shutters, doors or windows. For exposed outdoor locations or areas that are prone to gusts and breezes, a halogen heater may be a better option.

    Care must always be taken when connecting multiple radiators or heaters to avoid overloading the ring main of your property. If you are unsure, contact a qualified electrician for advice. For a professional installation, cables can be shortened and the heater connected to the mains supply by a fused spur. This work must be carried out by a qualified electrician.

  • Warranty
    Ecostrad Thermostrip infrared heaters come with a 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.
  • Delivery Info

    Thermostrip infrared heaters are available with free delivery and will take 2 working days to arrive. You can choose your delivery date from our calendar at the checkout. Delivery dates are available when you order before 12pm (excluding weekends).

    Orders of multiple items may be shipped on a pallet. If you are ordering multiple different items, we will always endeavour to dispatch your goods together. However, separate dispatches may be necessary if the items you have ordered are being shipped from different locations. Check our delivery page or speak to our customer service team for more information.

    Please be aware that delivery times and charges may be increased if you want the items delivered to addresses in the Scottish Highlands & Islands, or outside the UK mainland. This will be calculated when you enter your postcode at the checkout.

The Ecostrad Thermostrip is a discreet infrared heating solution that’s suitable for a variety of domestic and commercial spaces. This high-powered electric heater radiates comforting far infrared heat over large areas, providing all-day heating for open-plan interiors. Finished in modern matt black, the Ecostrad Thermostrip is an ideal choice for any space that requires subtle heating.

Heating Control

We offer Thermostrip infrared heaters without remote controls so that you have the freedom to install them with the thermostat of your choice. In this respect, they’re the best choice for indoor use in spaces that are hard-to-heat and used regularly – whether it’s a house with a mezzanine floor or a high-ceilinged church congregation area. When installed in a well-insulated interior space, our Thermostrip 1.8kW and 3.2kW heaters are capable of heating a maximum area of 10m² and 24m². Thermostrip infrared heaters without a remote control will only have a basic on/off functionality unless they are wired into a separate control system.

Cutting-Edge Heating Technology

From cold start, the Thermostrip takes roughly 10 minutes to get to temperature and will provide comfortable all-day heating. It also produces no light when in operation, making it a particularly discreet option for commercial areas that want to maintain a relaxing ambience. Our Thermostrip infrared heater comes with a 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty and has a hardy IP65 protection rating. When installing the Thermostrip, please ensure that you choose a location where there is no risk of physical contact with the heater.