Can Infrared Heaters Heat a House?

Can Infrared Heaters Heat a House?

The short answer is yes, infrared heaters can heat a house. In fact, they’re great for keeping your entire home warm. These modern electric heating solutions offer a deep level of warmth for your living room, bathroom, bedroom and even your garden. Slimline, efficient and effective, infrared heaters are the perfect energy-saving solution for heating your property, which is why there is such a vast range of options to suit a multitude of spaces.

How do infrared heaters work?

Infrared delivers a deep and relaxing warmth that replicates the natural heat you feel on a daily basis from the sun, only without the damaging rays of ultraviolet. The radiant warmth travels in a wave to heat you and any surrounding objects directly, instead of simply heating the air. This warmth then gets absorbed by the surrounding objects which re-radiate the heat back into the room for 360ᵒ warmth. This makes for a more efficient heating system because the warmth produced does not get lost to open windows or doors, so you don’t have to waste electricity or money trying to reheat a space. Infrared is completely safe and comfortable and an effective way to keep your entire house cosy and warm.

Advantages of infrared heating

Aside from being efficient, there are a variety of other benefits to heating your house with infrared. Firstly, infrared heaters do not produce carbon dioxide like gas central heating does so you won’t have to worry about any gas leaks, making it not only the safer option, but the simpler one too. As they don’t use any combustible fuels to generate heat, you do not have to arrange annual callouts or checks, so maintenance is reduced to a quick dusting every so often. As infrared heaters do not use convection to keep you warm, they also do not disturb the air, which means they won’t agitate any dust allergies. The advantages really are endless when it comes to installing infrared heating which is why it continues to increase in popularity.

Types of infrared heat for your home

Often the space you are trying to heat will determine which type of infrared heater you need. There are three main types of infrared heat that are best for keeping your home warm:

  • Far infrared – it provides a gentle warmth that is easier for our bodies to absorb and is for indoor use where it can deliver a subtle warmth that heats on a deeper level. Far infrared is found in radiant heating panels which can be fitted throughout the home to keep every corner of your house evenly heated to suit your needs.
  • Longwave infrared – this is a slightly more intense heat that can be projected further, providing gentle and comfortable warmth for larger, open-plan spaces like warehouses and workshops. It is used in ceramic heaters and makes an ideal solution for bigger spaces in your property.
  • Near infrared – also known as shortwave infrared as it has the shortest wavelength. It produces a robust level of warmth that is ideal for outdoor use. This form of infrared is also often accompanied by a strong, visible light which can be intense, which is why it is better used over shorter periods of time. Patio heaters use near infrared to deliver vigorous heat outside.

An infrared heater for every room

Infrared heaters are stylish enough to become the focal point of any room but also discreet enough to blend in seamlessly with your interiors. With a multitude of designs available, each and every heater can fulfil whatever style preference you may have.

Living room & bedroom

Infrared panels use gentle, far infrared heat to provide comfortable warmth, ideal for when you’re wanting some down time in front of the TV. The Ecostrad Accent range is great for installation throughout your home, especially your living room and bedroom where you want to experience the most comfort. The WiFi controlled models allow you to control your radiant panels on an individual basis or collectively from anywhere in the world, so if you’re out and about and have forgotten to turn the heating off, you can just hop onto the app and switch it off. You can even set up a heating schedule to fit in with your routine or use voice control for extra convenience. With an ultra-slim frame and easy DIY installation, the Ecostrad Accent range is a stylish, hassle-free and energy-efficient heating solution for an array of spaces throughout your house.

Bathroom & kitchen

Multi-functional, mirror panels are ideal for your bathroom or kitchen. Slimline and discreet, they have a sleek design that fits in with all interiors. When in use the heat provided by these panels ensures that the reflective surface remains clear, so if you’re in the bathroom taking a shower or in the kitchen cooking a roast, any condensation that may occur will not settle and fog up the mirror. These panels also help to combat damp as the deep warmth they produce gets absorbed by the walls as well as surrounding objects. This prevents moisture from settling which is why infrared panels make such a perfect addition to bathrooms and kitchens where damp is more likely to occur.

Patio & Garden

Infrared heat can be extended to the garden for effective and efficient warmth both inside and outside your home. Instead of an infrared panel, outside spaces need patio heaters which use robust, shortwave infrared heat to deliver instant and consistent warmth that will offset the temperatures outdoors, so that even in colder months you can feel the benefits. The Ecostrad Solaglo is the perfect, affordable option for any domestic garden as it provides instant radiant warmth coupled with a low-glare gold bulb for the most comfortable outdoor heating. It can be wall or ceiling-mounted for versatility and even comes with a weatherproof IP65 rating so it will be well protected, allowing you to install confidently in your garden.

Infrared heaters are the perfect way to heat a house. They can be fitted throughout your home, with styles to suit every room and they’ll deliver effective and comfortable warmth whenever you need it. So, if you’re thinking of fitting a new heating system in your home, why not go with infrared heaters?