Infrared Patio Heaters

Reinvent your back garden with the comfortable warmth of an infrared patio heater.

Infrared heaters overcome the most significant challenges of heating outdoors with innovative technology that warms outdoor spaces far more efficiently than convection heaters. Whatever the requirements of your outdoor space, the extensive range of heaters available in our collection will help you find the perfect heater – whatever the location, whatever the budget.

Our collection spans a range of the latest developments in infrared technology: from top-of-the-range energy efficient far infrared heaters to traditional glowing near infrared heaters. If you have a limited budget and you’re looking for on-demand heating for your back garden, our range of economy heaters might be perfect for you. If you’re looking for a more economical heating strategy for a frequent-use large scale outdoor area, our energy efficient far infrared heaters offer the ideal solution. Within our range you can choose between low-glare, ultra-low-glare or no-glare heaters; opt for a gentle thorough-going heat or an invigorating intense glow; make your pick between slimline heaters for a discrete fitting or striking designs for modern interiors – there really is something for everyone at Infrared Heaters Direct.

We’re proud to offer you the utmost choice for your heating project, be it a simple home upgrade or an industrial-scale refitting for a commercial property. As such, you’ll find an all-encompassing range of sizes and power outputs – with efficient heating solutions for everything from tiny city balconies to multi-level industrial units. Whatever the shape or size of your heating area, we can guarantee you the perfect combination of heaters for the job.

Energy Efficient Infrared Technology

Infrared leads the market in the provision of energy efficient heating for outdoor areas. Conventional heaters, which heat by convection, are generally very inefficient in outdoor spaces; these heaters heat by warming the air, and in an outdoor space this quickly escapes to cooler areas. Infrared heaters overcome this challenge by generating radiated heat. This is much more efficient because it heats people and objects directly without losing heat through the circulation of air. Infrared heaters heat in the same way the sun warms the Earth, so that sitting beneath one of our heaters feels a little like sunbathing on a cloudless day – without the risk of sunburn!

Infrared heat encompasses a span of the electromagnetic spectrum – and our collection of infrared heaters includes models from across the scale: from ultra-efficient far infrared to budget glowing near infrared. Also known as long-wave infrared, far infrared is the form of infrared most easily absorbed by our bodies. This makes it the most efficient form of infrared for human comfort heating, warming gently without giving off any visible light. At the other end of the spectrum lies near infrared heat – also known as low glare or short-wave. Near infrared gives off a fiery red glow and a more intense heat which is less easily absorbed by the body. It’s a less efficient but cheaper alternative which may be an economical option if the heater is intended for infrequent or occasional use. For a comfortable middle ground we also sell a range of ultra-low-glare heaters which use a mid-range form of infrared heat which cuts the amount of visible light produced to the faintest glow.

Confused? Don’t worry! Our friendly sales team are always more than happy to talk you through the options and help you choose the form of infrared that’s perfect for your budget and heating requirements. With minimal maintenance costs and quick and easy electrical installation, the associated costs are kept to an absolute minimum – so no nasty surprises.

Domestic Patio Heaters

Using infrared heaters to warm your patio is a great way to turn your back garden into a social space. Instantaneous directed heat will banish draughts and chilly breezes, allowing you to enjoy barbecues, romantic meals and epic garden parties throughout the year without catching cold. We stock a range of weatherproof and waterproof heaters which are suitable for installation outdoors whatever the weather. Fitted safety guards make our heaters a great choice for families – ensuring total protection for curious fingers!

Our extensive range of shapes, sizes and power settings guarantee you an ideal heater for outdoor spaces of all sizes – whether you’re heating a balcony, patio, terrace or conservatory, or fitting a heater beneath an awning, garden umbrella or railing. You can also choose from a range of colours and designs – so you have the option to go cheap and cheerful or upgrade to something a little more sophisticated.

Commercial Patio Heaters

Infrared heaters offer an invaluable opportunity to expand your business outside, helping you keep your customers warm and cosy with instantaneous directed heat. Our infrared patio heaters will allow your customers to savour the delights of outdoor dining without catching cold – ideal for restaurants, cafes, pubs and hotels. But outdoor dining is just the start! There are very few outdoor commercial spaces which do not benefit from a heating system which allows you to keep your customers warm and comfortable. Why not consider infrared for your ski centre, playground, health farm, amusement park, spa, stadium or smoking shelter? You’ll even find glass-free heaters which are suitable for settings with strict health and safety regulations – such as kitchens, laboratories or schools.

With heaters available in a range of stylish designs you’ll find products ideal for the most sophisticated of settings – make your choice between a range of colours and no-glare options for a very discrete fitting. An extensive range of sizes provides heating options for outdoor areas large or small, from tiny wall-mounted patio heaters to purpose-built restaurant tower heaters which deliver 360 degree heat to spans of over 30 square metres. Whatever you establishment, our range offers the perfect combination of heaters to keep all your customers warm, comfortable and happy.

For more information, and a free quote, contact our expert sales team today. Give us a call now on 0330 300 4444.

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