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Does Infrared Heating Kill Mould?

Does Infrared Heating Kill Mould?

Many properties in the UK are often prone to damp for a variety of reasons. Whether due to poor heat retention or bad ventilation, one of the best ways to combat this is with infrared warmth. When it comes to heating your home, infrared heaters provide a number of benefits, such as the ability to prevent damp. We’re looking at the ways in which infrared not only makes an efficient heating system, but also how effective it is at killing mould.

Infrared heating explained

Heaters that use infrared provide warmth through radiation, mimicking the heat the sun and even our own bodies emit on a regular basis. Instead of heating the air like convection heaters, radiant warmth travels in a wave to provide direct heat to anything in its path without getting blown away by draughts. It warms on a deeper level and isn’t lost easily, supplying soothing and lasting warmth to where it’s needed most, whilst consuming less energy for more efficient heating in your home.

Top 5 benefits of infrared heaters:

  1. Zoned heating: infrared heaters provide direct warmth, so that you can target specific areas and set up different temperatures in each room depending on the space.
  2. Excellent efficiency: they convert every watt of electricity taken from the wall into usable heat, so nothing is wasted. The warmth produced is easily absorbed into surrounding walls and surfaces, which then re-radiate that warmth back into the room for 360ᵒ heat. This means warmth is recycled, lasts longer and doesn’t get lost to open windows or doors.
  3. Even distribution of warmth: because of the way in which they provide warmth, they evenly heat a space, from the floor to the ceiling.
  4. Space-saving design: slimline and modern, infrared heaters blend in with every interior design scheme, for a discreet yet stylish heating solution.  
  5. Gentle on allergies: infrared heat doesn’t disturb the air or any dust particles, which is much kinder to those with allergies.  

How does infrared heat help to tackle mould?

Radiant warmth is easily absorbed by surrounding objects and surfaces, including your walls. This warmth often remains even after switching the heaters off, which is not only great for efficiency, but also for providing lasting warmth that will help to tackle mould. By warming your walls, infrared is keeping them dry, preventing condensation from settling and eliminating the chances of damp growing. It’s for this reason infrared is especially beneficial for bathroom heating and for properties with poorer heat retention.

Which infrared heaters are best for killing mould?

Any heater that uses some level of radiant warmth will help tackle mould in your home, but infrared panels are especially ideal for use throughout your property. Let’s take a look at which panels are more befitting to spaces where mould is more likely to occur.

Mirror infrared panels

Best suited for: any room, particularly bathrooms, washrooms, kitchens & hallways.

These two-in-one appliances offer effective warmth as well as the stylish functionality of a mirror. With a sleek, reflective surface, they make a contemporary and completely discreet heating solution for any room in the house. Particularly useful in the bathroom, the warmth produced by these mirror panels prevents water droplets from settling, so even in the dampest room of the house, you can stop mould from growing. As an added benefit, when switched on, their infrared warmth ensures that these panels will never fog up, keeping the mirror clear even after the hottest of showers.

The Herschel Inspire Mirror Panel is an excellent choice for any space. Manufactured to the highest standard, this frameless infrared heater has a sleek design and ultra-slim 25mm depth, providing a subtle heating solution. It’s splashproof IP54 rating makes it perfect for use in any bathroom and when paired with the Herschel iQ Hub, it offers convenient app control from your smartphone or tablet. For bathroom installation this appliance must be fitted by an electrician, however, it also comes with an attachable plug for DIY-friendly installation throughout the rest of your home.

Infrared towel rails

Best suited for: bathrooms & kitchens.

Dry your towels whilst keeping mould at bay with an infrared towel rail. Ideal for use in the bathroom or kitchen, these appliances will not only supply comfortable radiant warmth, but they’ll also keep your towels cosy and dry too. With convenient bars to hang your towels, contemporary designs to match any décor and effective warmth for comfortable heating, infrared towel rails are the perfect multi-purpose heating solution.

Combining practicality with style the Hershel Select XLS Glass Infrared Towel Rail has no sharp edges, giving it a smooth, modern appearance. It uses dual heat technology, so the bottom half will remain at 45 °C to dry your towels, whilst the top half will reach temperatures between 85 – 105 °C, comfortably heating your bathroom whilst helping to eradicate moisture build up. When paired with the Herschel XLS Control System, this panel is even available with three different types of control, including WiFi and voice compatibility, for intuitive heat management.

An infrared heater for every space

Infrared heaters can be fitted throughout your home, from the living room to the bathroom and the best part is, there are a range of designs to choose from. So, no matter your aesthetic, there’s an infrared panel to match – we even offer smart heaters with built-in WiFi control, for the most modern homes. So, make sure you tackle damp in style with one of our infrared heaters today.