Herschel Infrared Heating Panels – As Seen on TV!

Herschel Infrared Heating Panels – As Seen on TV!

Last month, many viewers of the popular BBC series ‘Your Home Made Perfect’ were given their first introduction to infrared, showcased in episode 8’s exquisitely designed garden room. In this episode, you can see a chic, powder-coated white infrared panel that’s been mounted on the ceiling, elegantly blending into its surroundings to provide comfortable warmth. Expert architect Laura Jane Clark captures exactly why infrared heating is so revolutionary: it’s space-saving, it’s efficient and it provides a natural heat which feels like the warmth from the sun. Infrared heating panels are impressive enough just to look at but if you want to know more, here are the benefits in detail.

Versatile installation to suit every space

The infrared panel featured is part of Herschel’s selection of heaters and one of their main benefits is that they can be installed just about anywhere. Whether it’s a bathroom, bedroom or study, these ultra-slim panels take up minimal room and can even act as a striking focal point that brings your design scheme together. Infrared panels give you plenty of scope to free up space in your home – you can fit them on an awkward stretch of wall that would otherwise go unused, or you can mount them on the ceiling to keep them completely out of the way. It’s not just a great way to enjoy low-key heating: with an infrared ceiling panel you can safely warm nurseries and playrooms without having to worry about contact with hot surfaces. Mike and Lisa’s garden room looks outstanding with this discreet heater (which is barely visible at the right angle!) but rest assured infrared panels look good wherever they’re placed.

Infrared panels: form and function in harmony

Traditional home heating isn’t known for being attractive. If you had to sum it up in three words it would probably be ugly, obtrusive and there. Thankfully, the design of infrared panels couldn’t be more different. Power-coated panels, such as the one featured in ‘Your Home Made Perfect’, can be purchased in white and black finishes to add the ideal final touch to your room. If you prefer something a little different, you can also find a wide range of panels available in glass and mirror finishes. Mirror panels are the best for completely hidden heating because they essentially disguise themselves as a normal room feature. There’s nothing to distinguish them from an ordinary household mirror until you get close enough to feel their comfortable heat. Glass panels have the opposite effect and provide much more of a statement to draw the eye to key areas of your room. It’s aesthetics and practical heating all in one.

Gentle heat with damp-preventing qualities

Laura describes Herschel’s infrared panel as being like a miniature sun because it produces the same kind of warmth that we receive from the sun’s rays and she’s exactly right. We experience infrared all the time, whether it’s the warmth we feel on a sunny day or the heat we feel from holding a piping-hot cup of tea. Our own bodies give off this warmth all the time, which is why infrared feels so comfortable – it’s topping up our heat levels in a natural way. It’s such a gentle form of heating that it’s also easily absorbed by the fabric of your property, keeping your walls, floor and ceiling the same temperature. This means that in damp-prone spaces, such as garden rooms and bathrooms, condensation is much less likely to form because surfaces are kept warmer. If damp and moisture is a recurring problem in parts of your home, it’s well-worth investigating whether infrared could help you keep your spaces condensation free.

Radiant heat doesn’t affect the atmosphere

One of the best points about infrared is that it doesn’t heat the air. It travels through the air in a wave until it contacts a solid object, just like a beam of light. This means that it doesn’t make the atmosphere feel artificially dry or stuffy, as can be the case with convection heaters. Infrared heating systems are much less prone to heat loss because any warmth is absorbed by the surrounding surfaces. They’re much more efficient compared to convection heaters and keep rooms warmer using less energy. As an added bonus, infrared heating panels are also completely silent with no whirring fans or clanking pipes so your home can remain an oasis of calm at all times.

Experience comfortable home heating for yourself

If you’re raring to install an infrared panel in your own home, be sure to take a look at Herschel’s new collection of heaters, the Herschel XLS range, which is designed for super quick setup. Their power-coated white XLS panels come with easy-fix wall brackets for straightforward installation and also come with their own in-built receivers for wireless control. These receivers communicate with their range of XLS thermostats, all of which can be set up DIY with little effort. You can choose from a simple battery-powered thermostat with full weekly programming, or if you prefer smart heating control, why not take a look at their plug-in and hardwired thermostats which are WiFi ready. Give our friendly Sales team a call on 0330 880 8383 for a free, no-obligation quote and make your home perfect with infrared heating.

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