Why Halogen Heaters Are More Versatile Than You Think

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Versatile Halogen Heaters

At long last, we’re beginning to see the back-end of winter. Slowly but surely, the mornings are getting lighter, the evenings are staying warmer, and the sunshine feels that bit stronger. The ultimate transitional season is well and truly on its way. Unfortunately however, it isn’t all sunshine and t-shirts. This time of year has its fair share of cold afternoons and crisp evenings and you’ll need more than just a jumper to fend off the chills. Whether you’re inside, outside, or somewhere in between, look no further than a halogen heater to keep warm. Versatile, powerful, and discreet, these electric heaters can be used in a range of spaces to suit your exact needs…

What are halogen heaters?

Our bestselling halogen heater: the Ecostrad Sunglo

Halogen heaters, often called quartz heaters, patio heaters, or a combination of all three terms, are electric heating appliances specifically designed for hard to heat outdoor and indoor areas - offering instantaneous warmth with the push of a button. Halogen heaters are essentially light bulbs that shine with greater intensity and at much higher temperatures - so much so, they emit heat as well as a pleasant rosy glow. Inside these electric outdoor heaters, a piece of metal filament conducts electricity like a regular lightbulb. The filament creates such high temperatures that it produces infrared heat - a safe form of radiation that travels in waves, hitting anything in its path and warming skin on contact. The “halogen” in “halogen heaters” derives from the fact halogen gas is added to the bulbs. This increases the longevity of the heating element and stops the bulb from blackening.

You might have encountered one of these outdoor heaters before in a smoking shelter or alfresco dining area. They’re typically characterised by a strong orange/red glow and you’ll feel their heat the second you move in front of them. In fact, this is one of their main benefits! Even on the coldest spring evening, in the chilliest of spaces, the strong shortwave infrared produced by a halogen heater will keep you warm and cosy for as long as you’re exposed to it.

Where can I use a halogen heater?

Whether you’re tinkering away in the garage, setting up an outdoor cafe area, or simply want to spend more time on your patio, a halogen heater is an invaluable asset. Easy to install, simple to use, and second to none in terms of effective heating, a radiant heater will go a long way wherever you choose to use it.

Heating a private garden

The Ecostrad Sunglo heating a garden patioWe all like to make the most of being outdoors, especially in spring when the sun gives tantalising glimpses of what’s to come! Realistically however, hot summer nights are quite far off, if they ever surface at all. A quartz patio heater can make all the difference between scurrying off indoors when the cold gets too much and staying up all night long with the stars.

One of our bestselling outdoor heaters, the Ecostrad Sunglo, is the perfect choice for heating a private garden. Sleek, convenient, and more than capable of warming the average patio, the Sunglo offers immediate warmth that’s perfect for cutting through the cold and keeping you cosy in the evening. Featuring two heat levels, choose either half or full power using the included remote and bask in soothing warmth with the push of a button.

The Sunglo goes a step further than most patio heaters however and can be installed as a permanent fixture under an awning or parasol. Simply purchase this honeycomb halogen heater with its parasol brackets and you’re good to go – offering additional protection from the elements as well as ensuring you and your guests keep warm whenever the occasion calls for alfresco entertaining.

View the Ecostrad Sunglo

Keeping customers warm in commercial spaces

If you’re a publican, café, or restaurant owner, you know too well the difficulties associated with keeping your customers warm when the sunshine wanes. It’s all fine and dandy on a 20 °C August afternoon but for any other time, the UK weather can’t be relied upon.

Heating a pub beer garden with the Ecostrad ThermagloWhen the cold creeps in to your beer garden or outdoor area, look to the Ecostrad Thermaglo – a uniquely styled commercial patio heater that offers a similar far-reaching radiant heat as the Sunglo but with more nuanced temperature control. Using the remote, you can select incremental heating from 25% to 100% outputs – more than enough to satisfy the needs of your customer base. Featuring a slightly upgraded design in comparison to conventional halogen heaters, the Thermaglo uses a durable carbon fibre heating element that creates mediumwave infrared rather than the shortwave infrared of the Sunglo. Mediumwave infrared offers a gentler heat that feels much more comfortable when used for extended periods and it’s ideally suited to sheltered terraces or gardens. Because the Thermaglo’s heating element is made from a long-lasting material, it provides over 10,000+ hours of use – making it a perfect choice for well-frequented outdoor areas.

Subtly styled with teardrop shaped panes and a chic grey finish, the Thermaglo is well suited to public-facing spaces and looks the part in bijoux bars and bustling cafes. Effective and versatile, this outdoor heater can be wall or ceiling mounted as you see fit, giving you the freedom to direct heat exactly where you need it most. It’s an efficient, attractive, and hassle-free way of keeping paying customers cosy all year round!

View the Ecostrad Thermaglo

Portable heating in garages or workshops

Heating a garage or workshop with a halogen heaterThe fast-acting, direct heat of halogen heaters isn’t just restricted to outdoor use – they’re just as effective at warming tricky-to-heat indoor spaces such as garages or workshops. Typically under-insulated, draughty, and not always connected to your home heating system, these spaces suffer the cold just a badly as exposed outdoor areas and, if you frequent your garage as regularly as someone else might frequent their patio, it makes sense to ensure you’re catered for in the same way.

Both the Ecostrad Sunglo and Thermaglo can be used in indoor spaces that require a strong heat source. While you wouldn’t use them in your house, as the heat output would be far too strong for well-insulated rooms, both of these electric patio heaters are more than suitable for a garage, workshop, or shed. Each can be plugged straight into the nearest available socket, can be wall mounted with ease, and can even be used as a freestanding heater when purchased with a compatible stand. This versatility allows you to choose a fixed location that spans your entire space or enables you to move your heater around to suit.

Whatever you do in your garage, the Sunglo and Thermaglo will ensure you do it in complete comfort – offering an immediate, controllable heat source that warms you and your surrounding area. Which means you can get to work without layering up and being forced indoors when the cold gets too much to bear.

View our range of garage halogen heaters

Halogen heaters – versatile, effective warmth wherever you need it most

Whether you’re after something to keep you outdoors for longer, need to keep your customers happy when the sunshine fades, or you’re fed up of shivering your nights away in the garage, a halogen heater is the answer! To find the perfect outdoor heating solution for you, take a look at our full range of products. Alternatively, give our sales team a call for a tailor-made quote based on your exact needs.

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