Commercial Patio Heaters for the New Year

Commercial Patio Heaters for the New Year

The countdown to midnight has been and gone and we have officially welcomed the futuristic year of 2020. A new year often leads to resolutions, getting rid of bad habits and ultimately saying goodbye to the old and hello to the new. No doubt you’ll want to start your new year off right and one of the best ways to do that, is to make sure every aspect of your business is up to scratch and that includes your heating. Perhaps you’ve recently renovated your restaurant to include patio dining or you own a bar with outdoor seating that you’d like to use year-round. Well, we can help with that with a selection of some of our best commercial patio heaters to help you start your year the right way.

Why should you choose electric patio heaters for your business?

You’d be forgiven for assuming patio heaters are only for outdoor use – the clue is in the name after all – but the truth is with their contemporary style and effective warmth, some commercial patio heaters can be used indoors too. Sure, they’re perfect for heating a garden or outdoor seating area, but there are also commercial patio heaters that can be used for large, open interiors. This is because patio heaters use infrared heat to keep you warm, which is an incredibly efficient heating solution as the warmth produced does not get wasted. Instead, infrared heats people and objects directly, travelling in a wave to produce a consistent level of warmth without getting disrupted or lost to any draughts. Patio heaters also make for a discreet heating solution as they can blend in with most commercial interiors, they’re pretty much silent and won’t disturb the air, dust or your customers. Modern, versatile and effective, patio heaters suit every kind of commercial property, it’s just a matter of choosing the right one for your business.

A fresh start

Ecostrad HeatgloThere are many factors that come into play when choosing a patio heater: location, wattage, size and style to name a few. Of course, even once you’ve narrowed down those options, you might still find yourself spoilt for choice. Not to worry though, because no matter your commercial business, we’ve got you covered.

Outdoor heating for small commercial properties: pubs & cafés

Smaller businesses tend to make use of every space available to them, for example, a café taking advantage of their patio for extra seating or a pub with a beer garden. It can be difficult keeping such a small, outdoor space warm, especially during the colder months and you may even consider closing off this area as soon as autumn settles in. You shouldn’t have to limit the potential of your business though, which is why you should consider investing in the Ecostrad Heatglo. Featuring a low-glare, amber bulb and calming warmth, with the Heatglo you can create a welcoming ambience for any outdoor space. Its 2000w output delivers a robust level of warmth that is best used over shorter periods of time and can heat outdoor areas of up to 9m2, making it perfect for your small business. Of course, if the outside space you wish to heat is larger than this, you could purchase more than one Heatglo or even consider a different patio heater all together.

Indoor heating for larger businesses: restaurants & shops

It can almost seem impossible to keep a larger business warm, especially if it has an open plan design or high ceilings, but there is a solution: the Herschel Summit. This infrared patio heater delivers high-powered but gentle radiant warmth, which is what makes the Summit ideal for large restaurants and shops with open plan interiors and harder-to-heat spaces. Effective and great for all-day heating, the warmth of this patio heater will reach every corner of your business. The Summit can be controlled manually or with a remote for ease of use and offers a choice between 100% output or 50% output for more of a gentle level of warmth. This patio heater is incredibly subtle as it does not produce any light or sound whatsoever, providing zero-glare and soothing warmth in the most unobtrusive way. For use outside, this stylish commercial patio heater must be kept in a sheltered area, such as a covered terrace, so that you can feel the full effect of comfortable, radiant warmth.

Portable outdoor heating solutionsEcostrad Thermaglo

Maybe you’re looking for a commercial patio heater that won’t be such a permanent fixture and can be moved from one area to another. For many of our commercial patio heaters, such as the Ecostrad Thermaglo, you can purchase a stand separately to achieve a more portable heating solution. The Thermaglo is one of our most attractive patio heaters, sporting a unique, curved design that is both sleek and contemporary. Unlike other patio heaters that use tungsten filaments to produce heat and light, the Thermaglo uses a carbon filament to deliver an ultra-low glare alongside the gentle warmth it produces, for unobtrusive heat. With remote control and a timer function, the Thermaglo is an adaptable and convenient heating solution that would work well for commercial properties. As the infrared warmth produced by this patio heater is softer than others, it is best kept under a shelter when placed outside.

So, this year, keep your customers and employees warm with a brand-new heating system. Don’t lose business to the cold and instead keep your pub garden or outdoor seating area open every season by investing in commercial patio heaters.