Can outdoor electric heaters keep me warm during winter?

Can outdoor electric heaters keep me warm during winter?

Saying goodbye to summer sometimes feels like resigning yourself to evenings indoors, and if you’re anything like me, there’s a part of you that isn’t quite ready to admit defeat, not when there’s still flowers in the garden and leaves on the trees. But what choice do we have? Do we always have to brave the cold and bundle up? Or is there a smarter way to eke out the outdoor season?

Of course there is – we have the perfect solution with our outdoor electric heaters, offering you instant heat whenever you want to use your garden or patio. If you’re not familiar with electric patio heaters, we’re here to tell you why they’re the number one purchase for keeping warm over autumn and winter, and why they beat every other outdoor heating option hands down…

What makes electric patio heaters so great?

We’re all spending a lot more time at home these days and our gardens have become a safe little haven that lets us take in the fresh air and decompress. But, now it’s getting colder, that perfect window of opportunity is getting smaller and smaller. This is where an electric patio heater can really help.

Electric outdoor heaters provide warmth the moment they’re switched on because they emit strong infrared radiant heat that cuts through the cold air and goes straight to you, the end user. Infrared heaters are the most convenient, user-friendly and efficient outdoor heating solutions available simply because they’re electric. Once they’re installed, all you have to do is flick a switch and you’re ready to roll: no waiting around, no fuss. It’s also worth mentioning that none of their heat ever gets wasted because radiant heat doesn’t get blown around. Infrared patio heaters convert virtually 100% of the energy they use into warmth to keep you cosy outside, which is more than can be said for gas and fuel burning alternatives.

Ecostrad Heatglo Infrared Patio Heater

Why are they better than other outdoor heaters?

Though we can all agree that the flickering flames of a firepit or a chimenea are charming, they certainly don’t lend themselves well to on-demand use. So, if you’ve spent 30 minutes getting the fire going only for the heavens to open, the last thing you want is for your carefully planned evening outdoors to become a washout. Electric won’t ever let you down – you can relax outside for hours on end or even steal a moment here and there in the evening so you can be as spontaneous as you like. But that’s not the only reason to go electric…

If you want the benefits in a snapshot, here are our top 5 reasons why electric will always be the king of outdoor heating during winter:

  • There’s no time-consuming setup or messy, sooty clean down after use
  • They don’t produce smoke so they’re great for smoke-free zones
  • You never have to source fuel
  • There are no hidden maintenance costs as there are with gas heaters
  • Electric converts cleanly and efficiently into heat, unlike solid fuel

Resist the temptation to buy that impractical iron fire pit. It might look delightful at first but once the novelty wears off, you might just be left with an oversized garden ornament. Weigh up your options we say and take a look at some of our bestselling outdoor heaters fresh in for autumn.

Our best electric outdoor heaters

The Ecostrad Sunglo: powerful heat, modern design

Ecostrad Sunglo Infrared Patio Heater  Black 2kW

As the nights draw in, we definitely recommend an electric patio heater that gives off a little bit of extra light too, and the Ecostrad Sunglo does just that. This 2kW patio heater provides a vigorous form of warmth that will keep you cosy even in quite chilly conditions and makes a great addition to any gardens or outdoor spaces that don’t have much in the way of windbreaks. Even if your patio is a little breezy, the robust near infrared heat of the Ecostrad Sunglo will keep the chill at bay and it also comes with a remote control so you can pick between 2 different heat levels if you don’t need as much warmth. Finished with a modern honeycomb grill and available in black or silver, this affordable heater will help see you through the colder months in style.

The Ecostrad Apex: simple & affordable

Ecostrad Apex Infrared Patio Heater Black 1.8kw with Remote

If you find the heat and light from a standard halogen heater a bit too exuberant for your tastes, why not take a look at a carbon-fibre heater like the Ecostrad Apex? Its carbon filament bulb heats to a lower temperature compared to a halogen patio heater, which results in a greatly reduced amount of glare and a mellower warmth, so you can stay under the lamp for longer without getting too hot. As its warmth is much gentler, this patio heater is best for gardens and patios that are well-sheltered from the elements, so it’s great for courtyards, verandas and beneath awnings. The Apex is also available with a remote, though it only allows you to turn the heater on or off from a distance. If you want a little more control over your outdoor heating, we also offer a version of the Apex without a remote which can be wired into the controller of your choice for flexible and convenient heating.

The Ecostrad Cirrus: gentle heating with more control

Ecostrad Cirrus Infrared Patio Heater Silver 2.4kw with Remote

The Cirrus provides the same comfortable heat of the Apex but comes with a remote control that offers superior heat management. It lets you cycle through 800w, 1600w or 2400w outputs so you can cut down your energy usage during warmer weather and it also comes with a 1 – 9 hour timer function for set-and-forget heating. These nifty features let you cut back on your energy consumption and slim down costs at the same time, all whilst making it effortless for you to control your outdoor heating. The Ecostrad Cirrus has a 2.4kW output which might be more suited to commercial applications – unless you have a particularly large patio! – but it’s certain to provide mellow warmth for any sheltered outdoor space.

These are just three of our most popular outdoor heaters but take a look at our full range today to find the perfect option for your garden. It might be autumn but that doesn’t mean that we have to act like it’s winter just yet – grab yourself an efficient outdoor electric heater and enjoy your patio for longer.