Red Dot Design AwardElectric outdoor heaters tend to favour functionality over aesthetics, following a long line of somewhat generic-looking heating appliances. Very few patio heaters win awards for style and even fewer attract the attention of design specialists. However, in the last few weeks, one of the most elegant and efficient outdoor heaters in our range has been awarded the coveted Red Dot Award: a symbol of excellence for outstanding product design. If you’re looking for a high performance infrared heater with award-winning aesthetics to match, look no further than the Caloray Infrared Heating Disc… 

The Red Dot Design Award

Red Dot Design has become one of the oldest and most respected institutions in the design world, recognising superior quality, forward thinking, and incredible product engineering. The Red Dot annual awards have been rewarding innovation since 1954, recognising the achievement of outstanding products across different sectors. From running shoes to intercom speaker systems, oxygen generators to stationary organisers, the Red Dot Design awards take into consideration every product imaginable to select the very best of the best.


The Caloray Disc breaks away from the design language of classical heaters. Its

innovative design and way of installation turn the device into an elegant interior

object that skillfully combines aesthetics and function” – Red Dot Design judges


On the 9th of April, the Caloray Infrared Heating Disc was chosen to receive the Red Dot Award, joining an exclusive list of 2018 winners that will be formally announced in July. Along with the other winners, the Caloray Infrared Heating Disc will feature in the Red Dot Exhibition, going on a short European tour to celebrate its achievement.

The Caloray Infrared Heating Disc

Caloray Infrared Heating Disc - 2000w

The Caloray’s unique disc-shaped housing is certainly a departure from conventional outdoor heater design, providing a contemporary, cutting-edge aesthetic that’s both subtle and striking. Finished in a smooth matt black, the Caloray can either be hidden away for discreet outdoor heating or left on show as a bold design statement. Either way, this patio heater is sure to turn heads with its award-winning design.

This versatility, coupled with the heater’s striking looks, is what makes it award worthy. Whether you need to heat an open veranda, a covered restaurant seating area, or even your own home, the Caloray is a superb choice. The Caloray can be used in a variety of different spaces, from poolside bars to sheltered verandas and patios. To make the Caloray as versatile as possible, and to ensure it can be used in almost any setting, it comes with a range of mix-and-match accessories. For homes or businesses with an industrial feel, the Caloray can be disguised as a pendant light with the attachable hood. For those tricky-to-heat areas where ceiling mounting isn’t an option, the Caloray can be purchased with a street-lamp-style wall hanger.

Wherever you are, whatever type of space you have, the Caloray’s adaptable mounting fixtures enable you to feel the benefit of this stylish 2000w electric outdoor heater.

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