Caloray Infrared Heating Disc - 2000w


The Caloray Infrared Heating Disc is one of the most sophisticated heaters on the market. Sporting a sleek, contemporary aesthetic, it is versatile enough to act as both a striking room feature and a discreet heating solution, depending on your preference. The Caloray uses cutting-edge heating technology to provide the most effective and comfortable form of radiant warmth.

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Caloray 2000w heats up to 4.5m2 470mm x 470mm x 135mm
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Red Dot Design Award LogoFew heaters can compete with the stylish and discreet design of the Caloray infrared heating disc. If you want to make your heater a striking room feature, the Caloray will do just that with its contemporary minimalist aesthetic. Prefer to have your heating hidden? Then choose from the Caloray’s range of installation accessories to have it blend into the background. Versatile and unique, this infrared heater will enhance any property where aesthetics are as important as reliable comfort heating.

The Caloray’s unique and innovative aesthetic received international recognition in 2018 when it was named one of the winners of the prestigious Red Dot Design Award. Described by judges as “an elegant interior object that skillfully combines aesthetics and function” the Caloray is now part of an exclusive alumni of products that push the boundaries of modern design.

The gentle heat and high output of the Caloray make it a great heating solution for many hard-to-heat areas. It’s superb for lofty indoor spaces, such as barn conversions and village halls. Or you can use it for spot heating in covered outdoor areas, like poolside bars and sheltered patios. By spacing apart multiple Caloray heaters, you can achieve thorough coverage over even the largest of spaces and enjoy pleasant comfort heating throughout the day.

Caloray heating discs are available with a range of accessories which allow you to tailor your installation around your interior décor style. Fit it with a hood to hide the Caloray amongst other pendant light fittings. Elegantly suspend it from its curved, street-light style wall bracket. Use the recessing kit to install it almost flush with the ceiling – whatever your style, the Caloray offers a look to match. Each Caloray Infrared Heating Disc comes with a small 100mm extension pole, although we also stock optional 400, 800 and 1200mm rod mounts so you can suspend your heater at a suitable height.

For indoor installations, we highly recommend pairing the Caloray with one of our thermostatic controllers. Our thermostats allow you to create your own bespoke programming schedule so your heating works around your daily and weekly routine. Controllers are a vital, energy-saving addition to your system and will keep running costs low whilst maximising the efficiency of your Caloray heater.

Cutting-Edge Heating Technology

Dry thermal elements inside the Caloray’s disc heat up to provide mellow far infrared heat, which is the same form of radiant heat produced and absorbed by our bodies. Once heated, the disc reaches temperatures of around 380 °C and is capable of spreading warmth over a 4.5m² interior area. The Caloray is lightweight, easy to install, and heats up in under 10 minutes. Finished in matt black with an attractive ridged surface, the Caloray is especially well-suited to commercial interiors because it provides a zero-light solution with silent running.

The Caloray comes with a 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty and has an IP55 protection rating for safe use outdoors. Its hardy exterior and simple construction means that the Caloray needs no maintenance or upkeep and will provide many years of convenient and comfortable heating wherever it’s installed. Please be aware that the Caloray should always be installed in a location where there will be no risk of physical contact with the heater.

The Benefits of Infrared

No other heating method is as effective as infrared when it comes to comfort heating for spacious interiors because it doesn’t rely on the movement of air to be felt. Convection heaters that work by producing warm air currents can be incredibly inefficient as heat is easily lost through draughts and poor insulation. Infrared radiation doesn’t have this issue. It travels through the air to warm people, surfaces and objects directly so all heat is transferred straight from the source to the end user. It’s a much more effective way of heating spacious areas like large retail spaces, restaurants or meeting halls, as infrared can be zoned and directed to specific areas that are occupied frequently without wasting energy warming the entire room.

Caloray are a rising star within the infrared heating industry with a reputation for excellence in innovation. Based in Australia, they have quickly moved into the international market by providing sophisticated solutions for modern homes and businesses.