What size electric outdoor heater do I need?

What size electric outdoor heater do I need?

Deciding on using an infrared heater to warm your patio or outside space is the first step towards a more energy efficient and sustainable heating solution, but what comes next? Sometimes the vast range of options can be enough to put anyone off. This blog will help you take the right considerations to choose the perfectly sized electric heater for your outdoor space.

How big is the area I want to heat?

The answer to such a question may seem obvious; perhaps you want to heat your patio, and so need a heater for the entire area. But the reality is that it can be made far simpler than this. Is there a specific area of your patio that you would like to keep warm? For example, many customers decide that rather than heating their entire patio, they can choose to focus the heat on their outdoor seating area, providing them with all the warmth that they need, without wasting any energy, and all the while keeping your heating bills low. So, if you have a 12m2 patio, but your seating area is only 6m2, then it would be both easier and cheaper to heat only your seating area, using one of our sleek and well designed infrared heaters.

Can I heat an exposed patio?

Ecostrad Sunglo

The answer is yes, with the versatility of electric outdoor heaters, you can heat any space, big or small, exposed or sheltered, as long as you find the right heater for you. Naturally, it takes a stronger heater to warm a more exposed area; this is a result of increased air circulation moving warm air away from the desired area. But don’t worry – you can still enjoy a pleasant evening outside in the warmth! We offer a wide selection of near radiation quartz heaters, perfect for exposed outdoor areas. Quartz heaters are the ideal solution for exposed spaces because they provide a stronger heat, to help keep you warm despite the weather conditions.  But we also have options suitable for larger, more sheltered spaces such as verandas or enclosed terraces. When it comes to infrared heating, there really is something for everyone.

Strong heat vs. gentle all-day heat

It is critical to decide what kind of heat you desire in your outdoor space. While this may seem like a bizarre statement at first, the explanation behind it is simple. Primarily, there are two different kinds of infrared heaters, those which use near infrared radiation, and those which use far infrared radiation. Near infrared heaters produce short wavelength radiation providing a fairly strong heat, ideal for warming people up quickly in exposed conditions, but may become uncomfortable to sit under for prolonged periods of time. It is perfect for spot heating and providing quick warmth at the touch of a button, where other heaters might fail to do so. The latter produces a longer wavelength infrared radiation, heating far more gently, and is very suitable for use for long periods of time, such as in sheltered outdoor seating areas. This makes it perfect for use in both domestic and commercial outdoor spaces, where you can appreciate the pleasant warmth while enjoying your meal.  However, it is important to remember that it may be ineffective if placed in too windy an area, so it is crucial to find the heater that will complete your outdoor space perfectly.

Positioning your outdoor heater

Herschel CaliforniaThe properties of your outdoor heater will vary depending on the way that you install it. Some heaters can be installed in either indoor or outdoor areas, and so depending on this, will heat different sized spaces. Outside areas require stronger heating technology as a result of the lack of insulation and increased air flow compared with inside areas. For example, some of our heaters can heat 9m2 outside, but can heat up to 18m2 if mounted inside. In addition, if a heater is mounted closer to the ground, the effect produced is more concentrated infrared radiation, giving you a stronger, cosier heat. As a result, some patio heaters like our Herschel California can provide a powerful warmth over a small space if mounted close to the desired area, while providing a gentler heat for a larger area if mounted further away. This provides you with an additional range of options on top of the model of heater that you choose, giving you even more freedom with your heating solutions.

Choosing the perfect patio heater

Often people find that the sheer amount of options regarding size, shape and model of infrared heaters is daunting in itself. We understand this and want you to be informed on what to consider when looking for the perfect heater for you and your outdoor space. All of our heaters have a “heats up to” guideline, making it especially easy for you to compare them to the desired area and ultimately choose the right heater.  Don’t forget to always check the specification tab on each of our products, which detail the heating areas for both the outside and the inside. Whatever you require, whether it be near or far infrared, small or large, we have options available on our website to fit your needs.

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