If you are a pub landlord or restaurant owner, then you might be interested in purchasing an outdoor heater to provide patrons and diners with a bit of additional warmth. This desire is also the same for members of the general public that want their gardens to be nice and cosy on chilly summer evenings and during the wintertime too.

However, do a quick search for outdoor heaters and you’ll be greeted with a number of different choices. Gas patio heaters and traditional wood burners used to be well received and accepted by many, but these days infrared alternatives are a much better option.

This is because they are more cost-effective, offer greater energy efficiency, less harmful to the environment, provide instantaneous heat, require no maintenance and do not have any associated health risks.

But what are the best rated outdoor infrared heaters?


Far infrared heaters

When searching for the right heater, make sure the ones you take into consideration operate in the far infrared spectrum. This specific and narrow range produces sun like heat tuned between 9-14 micron metres.

Essentially, electromagnetic waves cause molecules to oscillate, which results in the release of energy. This gets propelled into the surrounding environment and makes us to feel warm.

This is a fairly new and innovative technology, which enables both commercial businesses and private properties to save money on outdoor heating solutions.


Quartz and halogen heaters

Although far infrared heaters are incredibly effective and efficient at warming up an outdoors area, there are similar products available that promise the same benefits but simply do not deliver.

Both quartz and halogen outdoor heaters use shorter infrared waves, which do not result in a wide or consistent spread of warmth. For this reason, people in the vicinity have to sit or stand close to the heater, which isn’t always practical.

This also creates another problem, as quartz and halogen heaters give off a bright red glow, which can cause “burning head” and “dry eye” with prolonged exposure. Therefore, quartz and halogen heaters should be avoided.


The best rated outdoor infrared heaters

Infrared Heaters Direct is a specialist supplier of infrared heaters but only sells the very best products based on its industry expertise and experience. With this knowledge and understanding of the technology, Infrared Heaters Direct highly recommends the Herschel IR2 and IR3 Outdoor Infrared Heaters.

The only difference between the two is power, with the IR3 capable of distributing heat up to 16 M2 compared to 12 M2 for the IR2. However, both have a range of benefits that anybody can capitalise on. These include: 


For more information about the Herschel IR2 and IR3 or to make a purchase, be sure to contact Infrared Heaters Direct today.