Fight Damp: Choose Infrared Heating

Fight Damp: Choose Infrared Heating

Are there rooms in your home where you are constantly trying to combat damp? An attic room, kitchen or a bathroom perhaps? If so, infrared heaters might be the solution for you. They’re great for tackling already persistent damp and for preventing the problem from forming in the first place. We’re going to explore why you should choose infrared heaters and how they can help you win the fight against damp.

How does infrared work?

First, let’s look at the technical side of things. Infrared heaters are incredibly efficient as they work by using radiant heat to warm objects and surfaces instead of just warming up the air. Infrared travels in a wave, warming up anything in its path without getting lost easily through open doors or windows. It is a natural heat that we feel every day emanating from the sun and from the people around us, only you don’t have to experience the sun’s damaging rays or suffer on an uncomfortably crowded bus to feel this warmth. Infrared heaters are designed to deliver natural warmth, the safe and comfortable way.

Infrared vs Damp

Did you know that radiant heat warms up liquids first? This is why it is so beneficial to us, since we are mostly made up of water. It is also the reason why infrared heaters can tackle damp before tackling anything else. Infrared warms the walls and they absorb this heat, preventing any moisture from settling in the process which will eventually leave your home warm, cosy and damp-free.

Infrared also delivers certain health benefits. By combating mould with infrared heat, there is every chance that you can also combat your own allergies. Ultimately infrared heaters can improve the air quality, so that you breathe in cleaner air and feel better as a result. In the fight between infrared heat and damp, infrared heating is more than likely to come out on top.

Why should you choose infrared?

For combating damp, infrared radiant heat really is the best answer when it comes to your heating system. If you were to choose a convection heater the results would be minor compared to the results you would get from an infrared heater. Convection simply warms the air and circulates that air around the room, which is a great way of heating a space, but not so good when it comes to heating the walls and drying out condensation. The warm air can be easily lost through any draughts and with that lost heat, comes a waste in energy and money. Convection heat would also have little chance of deterring damp simply because it doesn’t offer the level of heat that infrared radiation does.

Infrared transfers heat to objects and settles into the walls through radiation, tackling any moisture. Prevention is much cheaper than the cure and infrared heat is an effective safeguard in anticipation of damp forming. It also delivers a deeper level of warmth that re-radiates back into the room instead of being lost to draughts, so you will use less electricity trying to re-heat the room. This will save on your energy consumption whilst also saving on costs.

An infrared heater for every room

For any damp-prone room, there is an infrared heater available to help. Whether you’re looking to keep your shiny new bathroom damp-free or trying to prevent it from forming in the kitchen, we have an infrared heater for you.

Bathroom versatility

Probably one of the first rooms that comes to mind when you think of the potential for damp is the bathroom and that’s down to the excess water and condensation coming from hot showers and baths. To prevent moisture forming in your bathroom, look no further than the Cϋrv Infrared Towel Rail. This multi-functional towel rail emits comfortable heat to keep you and your bathroom warm and as an added bonus, it will also dry your towels. With its effective heat, this practical and chic towel rail will keep your walls dry to ensure that your bathroom stays clean and mould-free.

Kitchen comfort

Do you have spots of damp forming in the kitchen? Just think of all the steam that rises when you open the oven door. That steam has to go somewhere, so it settles on the ceiling and walls and turns into condensation which can then turn into damp. To stop this occurring, you should consider installing an infrared panel in your kitchen. The slimline design of our infrared panels makes them perfect for maximising space, so you can fight condensation even in those smaller spaces. The Herschel Inspire range of infrared heating panels blends seamlessly into any space, delivering a touch of contemporary class whilst offering a strong heat output that is sure to deliver effective warmth, even in any hard-to-heat areas in your home. Our infrared panels come in a range of styles and sizes, so you can find the perfect fit for any room. Make sure you win that fight with damp by choosing infrared.

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