Infrared heating is a relatively new concept here in the UK, but Eco Stores Direct identified them instantly as an excellent way for our customers to cut back on their energy usage while also protecting the environment. While the energy saving benefits of infrared panel heaters are often talked about, not a lot of people know that there are other benefits associated with them – and if you’re on the fence about upgrading your home heating these benefits could make all the difference. 

1. Infrared panels produce near-instant heat

Get tired of waiting for your room to warm up? Are you guilty of knocking up the thermostat to try and make it heat up quicker? With infrared heating panels your room will heat up quicker than just about any other heating solution, and because they warm up the objects in the room (rather than the air in the room), you’ll feel the effects a lot quicker too. No more waiting around for the heating to kick in. 

2. The energy costs are generally lower than most electric convection heaters

The cost of running an infrared panel versus an electrical convection heater is far cheaper as they require less power output to provide the same level of heat – for instance a 600w infrared panel will provide the same level of heating comfort as a 1500w convection heater, so they roughly require a third of the input, so they really can be a lot cheaper to run!

3. They’ll help you safeguard against mould

As we mentioned previously, infrared panel heaters work by heating up solid objects directly (they work just like the energy and heat we feel from the sun).  Because of this, any damp in the walls or furniture is quickly dried out when they’re on, so you’ll get no nasty mould or mildew building up over time like you would with a conventional heating system (which often leave ‘cold spots’ in corners and ceilings. 

4. They’ll give you more room and add to your decor

Infrared panel heaters are perhaps the least invasive heating solutions ever. They can be disguised as paintings or mirrors, you can hang them from the wall, or even attach them to the ceiling. You could arrange your heaters so that nobody would know where to look for them, as if they weren’t even there, giving you much more space to play around with. Not a lot of people know that if you hang an infrared heating panel on the ceiling they’ll effectively heat a wider area (saving you even more energy).

panel heaters

5. Very low maintenance for very high quality

Because infrared heating panels don’t use air or liquid to transfer heat, there’s virtually no wear and tear associated with them at all. It means that people with allergies are less likely to be affected, and no dust or ‘dirty air’ is being recycled or pushed around the room. There’s virtually no reason whatsoever for you infrared panels to fail mechanically, at any point – unlike tradiational heaters which would require cleaning, bleeding and so forth. 

6. Consistent heat

As well as safeguarding against mould, infrared panels heaters will offer your home a consistent heat experience. You can say goodbye to cold spots, and gone are the days of warm air rising and cold air sitting around your ankles. Infrared heaters will heat every object in the room (be it a chair, a wall, or you) completely evenly. The heat then radiates from these objects and creates a stable and comfortable temperature. 

7. Health benefits

You may not realise it, but infrared panel heaters have some serious health benefits associated with them too. Have you ever wondered why you can sometimes feel the warmth from the sun on a cold winter’s day? It’s because the sun works via infrared heating too. Infrared can’t give you sunburn or cause any harm like other aspects of the sun, but it does carry some health benefits. When infrared is absorbed into the body it can increase blood circulation which can also serve to boost your immunity, detox you and reduce the stiffness in your joints. 

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