Sunvic SunStatRF Wireless Thermostat for Hot Yoga


The Sunvic SunStatRF is the perfect thermostat for hot yoga and allows you to set temperatures up to 45 °C to assist flexibility and promote relaxed muscles. This version of the SunStat wirelessly communicates with your infrared heaters via a radio frequency receiver so you’re free to position the thermostat wherever suits your needs best.

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  • Product Details
    • Controls Temperatures up to 45 °C
    • Perfect for Bikram Yoga Studios
    • 1 Wireless Receiver & Thermostat Kit
    • Custom Weekly Heating Schedule
    • 4 Temperature Intervals Per Day
    • Copy Function
    • Large LCD Display
    • Holiday, Anti-Frost & Manual Modes
    • Lockable Keypad
    • Quick Professional Installation
  • Product Specifications
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    SKU 12500786
    Brand Sunvic
    Product Weight (kg) 0.407
    Depth (mm) 32
    Height (mm) 86
    Width (mm) 138
    Dual Control No
    Programmable Yes
    Tariff Switching No
    Manual or Digital Digital
    Wi-Fi Controllable No
    Touchscreen No
    IP Rating IP20
    Suitable for Bathrooms Not Suitable
    Maximum Load (Amps) 16A
    Display LCD Display
  • Manuals & Installation

    View or download the Sunvic SunStatRF datasheet, installation instructions and user manual here.

    This thermostat requires 2xAA batteries for operation and can be wall mounted DIY or used freestanding. Ideally, it should be fitted 1.5m from the floor and away from bright sunlight or draughts, which may skew temperature readings. Please be aware that radio interference can occur where the thermostat is installed near TVs or computers. The range of the thermostat’s frequency is 30m.

    The SunStatRF receiver must be hardwired into both the mains and the heater itself by a professional electrician. The receiver can accommodate multiple heaters provided they do not exceed a load of 16 Amps – the equivalent of 3680W in a 230V standard supply.

    Should the thermostat run out of battery life, a manual override button on the receivers will allow you to continue to use the heaters until the batteries have been replaced.

    SunStatRF thermostats and receivers are not suitable for installation in bathrooms or anywhere in which they will be exposed to splashes of water.

  • Warranty
    The Sunvic SunStatRF comes with a 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty.
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The Sunvic SunStatRF Wireless Thermostat provides accurate heat management for temperatures up to 45 °C, far beyond the scope of many standard thermostats. Its broad heating capabilities make it the perfect match for hot yoga studios that need a constant high temperature to assist muscle relaxation and flexibility. This specialist thermostat works particularly well with infrared heaters to provide a comfortable radiant heat for Bikram yoga classes, but can also be used with other products such as electric heaters and radiators. 

This version of the SunStat operates wirelessly and includes a thermostat and wireless receiver. The thermostat measures air temperature and, if any adjustments need to be made, sends a radio signal to the receiver to modify heat levels. Whenever you want to amend your heating schedule or set a new comfort temperature, the thermostat will relay this to all connected heaters, so you won’t need to programme each one individually.

Modes & Features

One of the core features of the SunStat is its digital programming functionality which allows users to create a bespoke heating schedule for each day of the week. A default schedule is provided with the thermostat but this can be easily overridden to create your own custom settings. Four temperature intervals can be set for each day: you might begin with a higher temperature for yoga classes in the morning, set a lower temperature during lunch hours, select another high setting for the afternoon, finishing with a low setting for closing time. A convenient copy function allows schedules to be replicated across other days of the week, which is handy if you keep the same hours Monday to Friday.

Other features offered by the SunStat are holiday mode, which sets a fixed temperature for up to 99 days; manual mode, which allows you to temporarily override your schedule; and frost mode, which turns the thermostat off unless the temperature drops below 5 °C. All of these modes can be accessed without losing your saved schedule – it’s completely flexible heating designed to maximise the energy efficiency and convenience of your system.

Technical Specifications

The Sunvic SunStat has a clear LCD display with backlight, and an easy-to-use keypad that can be locked to prevent tampering. The SunStat is accurate to ± 1 °C and ensures your system responds rapidly to any changes in temperature.

Depending on your heating setup, the wireless receiver can be used to control a single heater or multiple heaters providing they do not exceed a total of 16 Amps, which equates to 3600W in a standard 230V supply. Up to four receivers can be used with one thermostat, although please note we do not sell receivers separately at present. If you’d like to set up a zoned heating system – where different areas of your home have separate heating schedules and temperature levels – you will need to purchase additional thermostats. To prevent any interference between multiple thermostats, switches on the back of the thermostat can change the radio frequency of each unit, ensuring your system runs smoothly.

Any receivers will need to be hardwired into the mains and their respective heaters by a professional electrician but the thermostat itself is battery powered and requires two AA batteries. The SunStatRF thermostat and receiver are not designed for use in bathrooms or anywhere they will be exposed to splashing water.

A 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty is included as standard.