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Why Infrared Heaters are Ideal for Patios

Why Infrared Heaters are Ideal for Patios

If you want far-reaching warmth for your patio, you won’t find anything better than infrared heaters. Offset the winter cold or enjoy a subtle accompaniment to those mild summer evenings; infrared mimics the natural heat of the sun, generating fast-acting warmth which is absorbed by people and surfaces directly. It’s effective, economical, and great for the environment, and because our heaters come with adjustable heat levels, your patio can find new-found purpose by being a pleasure to use all year round. What else makes infrared a cut above the rest? Read on for a closer look at why it’s the standard of patio heating.

Why you should choose infrared heaters for your patio

Superior efficiency

Convection heaters are obsolete when placed outdoors because they only heat up the surrounding air, meaning the warmth they produce can be blown away easily by the wind before it even reaches you. Infrared heaters don’t have this problem – they provide a more robust type of warmth that travels directly to you without getting disturbed by air movement. As a result, none of the energy being used to heat your garden or patio is being wasted unnecessarily, which is what makes these heaters so much more efficient and effective in outside spaces. Their warmth is safe, gentle, and long-lasting, so even after switch-off you can still feel the benefit, enjoying more time outdoors without worrying about rising bills.

Adaptable heating

Whether you’re heating your patio at home or need a versatile heating solution for your restaurant terrace, infrared patio heaters are ideal for a range of outdoor spaces. With many suitable for freestanding, ceiling and wall mounted fitting, these appliances can be installed wherever meets your needs best. For a permanent fitting outside, we recommend consulting an electrician, as hardwiring will ensure the cabling is protected against the elements. However, look out for products with a “Plug & Go” icon, which can be fitted in minutes and are perfectly suited for infrequent use.

Weatherproof ratings

Dust-tight and able to withstand low pressure jets of water, all our patio heaters come with their own IP ratings, which signifies the level of protection a product has against the elements. Anything above IP24 is considered weatherproof, so you can install your infrared heater outside with complete confidence. We have heaters ranging up to IP67, allowing for installation in even the most exposed locations.

Low maintenance

Without internal liquid, combustible elements or moving parts, your patio heater will only require the simplest upkeep. For maximum longevity, we recommend a once-a-month clean with a damp cloth and inspection of the grille, plug and power cable for any deformation.

Installation: your patio, your way

Forget fire pits, chimeneas and gas heaters: you’ll either be dealing with the hazards of an open flame; heavy, immobile models; or the extra maintenance required to keep them all running. Your patio’s layout shouldn’t have to fit around the requirements demanded by your heater, which is why infrared heaters make for a lightweight and flexible option, with no expensive electrician callouts necessary. Have your patio heater up and running in minutes and choose from a multitude of mounting options that fit around the design of your patio – not the other way around.

Wall mounted

A versatile choice: wall mounted patio heaters offer direct warmth to those around it. With all fixtures and fittings included as standard, installation is simple and straightforward. Many of these heaters even come with adjustable mounting brackets, so you can direct heat to wherever is best suited.

Perfect for: House exteriors | Awnings

Ceiling mounted

Ideal for sheltered outdoor spaces, ceiling installation allows for unhindered heat distribution. A discreet option that provides a broad spread of warmth, ceiling mounted heaters direct heat to where it’s needed most, while gaining extra protection against adverse weather.

Perfect for: Pergolas | Gazebos


If you’re looking for an adaptable heater with limitless mobility, freestanding installation is the ideal choice. The Ecostrad Infrared Patio Heater Stand is compatible with many of our heaters, with added height adjustment to suit your needs.

Perfect for: Anywhere you want!

Above seating areas

A patio wouldn’t really be one without comfortable seating, so where better to install your infrared heater than above it? Similar to ceiling mounting, it provides added weather protection and a broader heat dispersion. Attaching an infrared heater directly to your sun umbrella or sheltered bench is a guaranteed placement for optimal warmth over long hours.

Perfect for: Parasols | Umbrellas | Arbours

Product spotlight: Ecostrad Thermaglo  

At a glance

  • Price – £199.99
  • Wattage – 2000w
  • IP rating – IP55
  • Infrared type – Mediumwave
  • Outdoor heat area – 5-9m²
  • Installation – Plug & Go | Freestanding | Wall & Ceiling mounted fitting
  • Programming – Remote control

Unique in its design, the Ecostrad Thermaglo’s mellow glow is balanced between two curved panels set against a sleek black aluminium finish. With a remote control and four heat levels to choose from, managing this patio heater from afar is easy – it even has a clear LED display located on the right so you can view its current setting (no balancing on chairs or manual handling necessary). An even more effortless approach is the Thermaglo’s timer function: adjustable between 1-9 hours, let the heater do its thing while you sit back, relax, and enjoy the benefits.

Emitting mediumwave infrared heat, its vigorous warmth and ultra-low glare allow for optimal comfort with a reduced level of light emission that adds a soft ambience to your evening. The mounting brackets provided ensure total adaptability in installing your Thermaglo: attach it to the wall, ceiling, or purchase the patio heater stand for unrestricted mobility. Come rain or shine, this modern heater is guaranteed to make you want to use your patio every day of the year.

Upgrade your outdoor heating today

Heating an infinite space like the outdoors is more than possible with infrared, so upgrade your patio today and browse our full range to find the perfect match. At Infrared Heaters Direct, we provide market-leading infrared heating solutions, with something available to suit every outside space. Our friendly sales team are here to provide expert advice free of charge, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.