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Where to use Commercial Infrared Heaters

Where to use Commercial Infrared Heaters

Finding the right heating solution for your commercial property can be tough. There are so many prerequisites to consider – size, insulation, footfall – and others you might not have even realised. Today, we’re going on a deep dive into three of our bestselling commercial infrared heaters, to show how they can best benefit you and your property.

Why you should use infrared heating in your commercial property

Commercial properties can range from dinky office spaces to five-hundred-year-old churches to one million square foot industrial depots. What makes infrared heaters the perfect match for all these immensely different property types is simple: the way they heat. Unlike convection heaters, infrared provides radiant warmth to people and objects without getting lost to draughts. It warms on a deeper level for lasting and efficient heating. So, if your property is open plan, draughty or has high ceilings – all common with commercial properties – then infrared is the ideal solution.

Infrared heaters act as standalone appliances that allow you to create different heating zones throughout your property. If you want to keep a specific part of your shop floor or large office warm, you can focus heat directly, setting up different temperatures and schedules for improved efficiency. Available in varied styles and sizes, these heaters seamlessly integrate into both sparse and compact areas to deliver instant, comfortable heat. Infrared heaters aren’t limited to indoors either, with the radiant heat it supplies adaptable to any weather type or temperature. Featuring a range of smart function, including WiFi compatibility and voice control, these sophisticated heaters allow for complete control over your heating – the perfect fit for a modern commercial property.

Herschel Select Under Desk: the essential addition to any office

At a glance

  • Price – £215.99
  • Wattage – 220w
  • Perfect for – Offices
  • Installation – Plug & Go | Freestanding
  • Programming – Built-in thermostat | WiFi app control | Alexa and Google Home compatible

Whether your workspace has private offices or is more open plan, the Herschel Select Under Desk is a versatile companion to those spending long hours at their desks. This portable, freestanding panel can be tucked neatly by your feet, delivering gentle warmth throughout the day. Its minimalist, slimline shape ensures discreetness, and its lightweight build and attachable feet provide effortless mobility. An efficient option, the far infrared technology of the Herschel Select mimics human body heat that directs lasting warmth straight to the user for optimal comfort.

Installation is simple too: use the feet included to position your heater, then plug it in the nearest socket. For hands-free management, use the foot pedal to control the on/off switch. Connecting the Herschel Select to your smart device to set up a schedule and access a range of energy-saving features is a great time saver and will reduce your running costs. Simple but infinitely effective, the Herschel Select Under Desk is a must for any office space.

Ecostrad Cirrus: natural heat for the outdoors

At a glance

  • Price – £199.99
  • Wattage – 2400w
  • Perfect for – Outdoor spaces | Pub gardens | Restaurant terraces
  • Installation – DIY-friendly | Wall & ceiling mounted fitting
  • Programming – Manual on/off switch | Remote control

If the pandemic taught us anything, socialising outside no matter the weather isn’t always negotiable – but it doesn’t mean we have to do it in the cold. Using shortwave radiation, the Ecostrad Cirrus has three heat levels for ultimate controllability – so the heating on your restaurant terrace or pub garden can be adjusted to suit the needs of your guests.

This stylish patio heater uses a powerful carbon filament bulb, capable of heating in under ten seconds. The bulb combines performance with comfort by emitting a delicate glow, perfectly suited for frequent use. Simply turn the Cirrus on and off or use the remote control from afar – so guests can receive all the benefits without being disturbed. For even less management, a timer can be set to up to nine hours, cementing the Ecostrad Cirrus as a low effort product that offers great results.

Ecostrad Accent iQ: the ultimate solution to heating large spaces

At a glance

  • Price – £209.99-£315.99
  • Wattage – 350-1100w
  • Perfect for – Warehouses | Churches | Public halls
  • Installation – Plug & Go | Wall & ceiling mounted fitting
  • Programming – Wireless thermostat | WiFi app control | Alexa and Google Home Compatible

If your commercial property is on the larger side, infrared is vastly superior to convection heating because it supplies directed heat wherever it’s needed without getting lost to air movement. The Ecostrad Accent iQ is a versatile solution for a range of commercial interiors, delivering lasting radiant warmth. Suitable for both wall and ceiling mounted fitting, it can be installed wherever heat is needed most.

The Accent iQ has been specifically designed to blend into its surroundings; its neutral white finish and slim shape make it adaptable to any property type or interior. The Accent iQ produces a comfortable, gentle heat which is easily absorbed by surrounding surfaces and then re-radiated back into the room, maintaining a consistent level of warmth at all times. Connect the Accent iQ to your smart device in minutes and create a custom schedule that can be modified any time, any place. Gone are the days of larger buildings that feel impossible to heat – the Ecostrad Accent iQ is a complete game changer.

An option for every commercial property

No matter the commercial space you’re trying to heat, we have the solution. Infrared heaters are discreet, easy to install and efficient, which is why they work so well in these types of properties. However, we’ve merely scratched the surface on the range of commercial heaters we have available. Our expert sales team are here to help with any questions you have regarding which infrared heater is best for your property, so get in touch for your free quote today.