Warm-up at Work this Autumn with Electric Ceiling Heaters

Warm-up at Work this Autumn with Electric Ceiling Heaters

Every year we get used to the constant warmth that summer provides until suddenly the temperature drops, days get shorter and we find ourselves becoming familiar with the thermostat again. Often, we struggle to know when to bow down to change in weather, to finally admit that it’s time to swap out the t-shirts for jumpers, the sandals for wellies and the shorts for trousers. Well, it’s officially cold and it’s important to stay warm not just at home, but at the office too which is why it’s time to upgrade your heating this autumn with electric ceiling heaters.

Why should you choose infrared this autumn?

Commercial heating may seem like an impossible task, but it’s easier than you think. By using infrared heating you can combat any draughts, reduce condensation and target harder-to-heat areas all whilst feeling the benefits of effective radiant heat. Remember the scorching weather we had this summer? That warmth was delivered to us through radiant infrared heat from the sun. This heat is something we experience daily as the people around us radiate it too. It’s a natural form of heat that travels in a wave to transfer warmth to colder spaces, which is also what our electric ceiling heaters do but without delivering damaging rays of UV. Radiant ceiling panels supply comfortable, efficient warmth to any room, making them the ideal heating solution for commercial properties.

How electric ceiling heaters will benefit you

The world of infrared heaters is full of variety. From infrared panels, patio heaters and towel rails, to choosing between wall-mounted, free-standing and ceiling mounted fitting options. With so many choices you might find it hard to select the right infrared heater for your business, but we’ve got the perfect solution. Electric ceiling heaters come with a whole host of benefits for you and anyone who may pay a visit to your commercial property, which is why you should consider investing in them for your business.

They offer discreet infrared heat Curc Ceiling Tile

Electric ceiling heaters are a great alternative for commercial properties that might be more on the small side. Perhaps you work in an office or in a tiny shop where you are forever looking for more space to utilise. You’d be surprised by how much room older heating systems can take up. So, why not consider maximising space with ceiling-mounted infrared panels? By installing one of these electric ceiling heaters, you can free up the walls for extra shelf space and make more room for customers to peruse.

The Cürv Ceiling Tile infrared panel is designed to go unnoticed once installed and has been created to specifically integrate with a ceiling grid, making it the ideal choice for any business. This modern electric heating panel delivers effective heat whilst offering a simple, quality design. The Cürv ceiling tile’s control box and thermostat offer 7-day programming so you can create a schedule based on your company opening times. With this feature, you can ensure that the heating isn’t being used when it is not needed, saving on heating bills and energy consumption. Installing the Cürv Ceiling Tile will prepare your business for the chilly weather whilst also helping to maximise space.

Perfect for combatting the cold

A discreet heating system is all well and good, but what about the heat they produce? Infrared nfrared ceiling panels deliver gentle and effective warmth. They are great for turning spaces into heated zones so that you can keep autumn well and truly outside. Perhaps your office desk is close to the main entrance and you’ve grown used to the door constantly being opened by other staff members. This was fine in the summer but now the temperature has dropped and you are once again feeling the effects of that revolving door. You’ve started bringing extra layers to work and you’re wearing your scarf around the office. With electric ceiling heaters you don’t have to worry about being cold as you greet your customers. Radiant ceiling panels effectively turn your room into a 360o radiator warming people and objects instead of just the air. The building will retain this heat without losing it to the opening and closing of doors, ensuring that your customers always receive a warm welcome.

A safer option

Got a different kind of commercial property? Well we’ve got that covered too. Electric ceiling heaters are a great fit for schools and care homes, simply because of the safety they offer. Installing infrared heaters on the ceiling puts them out of the reach of children or any vulnerable people, preventing heating-related injuries. Electric ceiling heaters are also completely silent, so they won’t disturb any classes and care home residents won’t be woken by the sound of groaning pipes. The only real indication of the heating being on will be the comfortable warmth experienced from the installation of a discreet infrared ceiling heater.

Connected control

Unlike with traditional heating systems, you can individually manage the temperature of each infrared panel that has been installed in any building. This means you can have your heating on in one room and switch it off in another where it is not needed, saving on energy usage and cost. This is especially great for any larger commercial properties where rooms may not be used as frequently as others.

Herschel offer an iQ control system that allows you to manage the temperature of their infrared heaters. This control system is WiFi compatible so you can adjust your heating from a distance. All you have to do is pair the iQ Hub with the Herschel heating app then you can control your heating from your phone or tablet no matter where you are. So, if you’re on your way into work you can adjust the heating to make sure the business is warm and toasty before anyone arrives. Herschel controls are compatible with the Herschel Select range of infrared panel heaters. These heaters can also easily replace any standard ceiling tile with their light, aluminium frame, so you get all the benefits of electric ceiling heaters alongside that advanced level of control.

Radiant ceiling panels are the sophisticated choice for heating any workplace, which is why you should consider updating your old heating system. Experience reliable and comfortable heat, not just for this season but for years to come, with electric ceiling heaters.