Top 5 Benefits of Radiant Panels

Top 5 Benefits of Radiant Panels

There are many positives to using infrared radiant panels, for example, did you know that it’s one of the most efficient and safest ways to heat your home? In this blog I’m going to show you why you should consider this alternative form of heating solution for your home or office. So, get comfy because it’s time to go through the top 5 benefits of radiant panels.

1. Energy efficient heating solutions

Are you looking to increase your energy efficiency? Then you’re in the right place. Radiant panel heaters are great way to boost the energy efficiency in your home or office, but to understand just how beneficial this is, first you have to know how it all works.

Once switched on, radiant panels take effect by using infrared radiation to heat up a space. Infrared is just another term for radiated heat, which is what is given off by these panels. The heat that an infrared radiant panel produces moves directly to any solid object in its path without being disrupted. This means that the warmth is not wasted and won’t get lost through any open windows or doors, instead the heat is absorbed by other surfaces and people within range. As a result of this, radiant panel heaters can heat the same amount of space as other types of electric heaters, whilst also using a much lower wattage.

Radiant panels use ultra-slim solid elements that are distributed across a large surface area made up of flat panes of aluminium or glass. The warmer the panels get, the more heat that radiates into the room. As the room heats up, so do the objects and the people within, which then gets recycled so that the room is constantly re-radiating. This energy efficient way of heating delivers a new level of comfort that you’d be sure to benefit from.

2. Safe and silent

Safety often comes into question when discussing infrared heat. The sun is our most natural source of heat and it too uses infrared radiation to warm the earth. It travels in a wave that warms anything in its path so, when the sun’s UV rays hit you, you’re experiencing infrared radiation. The same heat is also given off by your own body and any radiators that may already be heating your home. This is why radiant infrared panels are able to offer safe heating, as they replicate the natural and daily heat that already surrounds us, without giving off any damaging UV rays like the sun does.

Just like much of the infrared radiant heat that we experience daily, the noise level that comes with radiant heating panels is non-existent. They’re the silent partner we all need in our homes. They run on electricity, so you don’t have to listen to the groaning of a pipe or the whirring of a fan, you just switch the panel on and enjoy the warm tranquillity that follows.

3. You’ll experience some major health benefits

Looking to improve the air quality in your home? Well, radiant panels are a great way to achieve this. With radiant infrared panels, you don’t have to worry about finding yourself in the middle of a sneezing fit simply because you’ve turned the heating on. This way of heating does not disturb any dust particles like other heaters can, which makes them ideal for allergy sufferers.

Through warming the walls, radiant heat panels also prevent any condensation from settling, which is particularly beneficial for the bathroom or kitchen, or any other room that may be prone to moisture. The chance of damp and mould occurring in these areas would be reduced, which is always a plus.

4. Sophisticated Chic

Curv LED Infrared Mirror PanelIf it’s style you’re looking for, then you’re in luck. The slimline, contemporary design of our radiant panels comes in a variety of sizes to suit any home. From our basic white panel heaters, to our sleek glass panel heaters, we’re certain you can find the right radiant panel for you.

You can choose one of our popular statement pieces such as our Cürv LED Infrared Mirror Panel, which is a multi-purpose product that delivers a three-in-one heating solution and motion-activated lights. Not only do you get to experience effective heat, but the reflective surface won’t fog up even when taking a hot bath or shower, making it perfect for any bathroom.

Or maybe one of our low-cost, discreet white panels like our Ecostrad IR-HS Infrared Heating Panel is the product for you. An affordable option offering to blend in with your established décor, this radiant panel would be a subtle but attractive heating solution in any home or office.

5. You can choose between two installation options

Last but by no means least, it’s time to look at the more technical side of things: installation. The benefit here is in the variety that comes with installation choice. We understand the need for adaptability, which is why some of our infrared panels come with the options to be wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted. For permanently fitting these panels, wall-mounting them is a great idea, especially if you’re wanting to install the mirror panels.

If you’d prefer to keep the panels out of the way so that you can use your wall space for something else, you can always fit the panels on the ceiling. Again, this showcases the safety applications of the radiant panels, as mounting them on the ceiling would keep them away from the exploratory hands of any children.

So, there you have it, some of the top benefits of radiant panels. Of course, this is just our top 5 and you can find so many more benefits and features for this product and any of our other products on our website.