The Best Infrared Commercial Heaters for Your Business

The Best Infrared Commercial Heaters for Your Business

Offices, restaurants, hotels and warehouses: they’re all commercial properties that will benefit from infrared heating and for different reasons. In businesses such as these, it is important to take care of customers and employees especially when temperatures drop and the frigid winter sets in. With so many heating solutions it can be hard to pick the right heater for your business’s needs, which is why we are here to guide you through our best infrared commercial heaters.

Benefits of infrared heating

First, let’s look at why infrared heating is the best source of heat for your commercial property. It is an energy efficient way of heating a room as the heat it radiates does not get wasted. All the heat it produces gets absorbed by nearby objects and people, reducing the potential for heat loss through open windows or doors and then re-radiating the room. Infrared heaters are also super silent, don’t disturb the air or dust particles and they provide effective and reliable heat. The range of designs we offer allows for sophisticated heating for any business.

Warming up the crowd

CalorayFor any business it is important to keep your customer satisfied and not just with the service. You need to make sure that people are warm and comfortable, especially if a business tends to see a high volume of customers. To ensure this it would be worth investing in a commercial heater.

With its unique contemporary appearance, the Caloray Infrared Heating Disc would make an excellent statement piece for any bar or restaurant. The multitude of different fitting options gives you the flexibility to integrate the Caloray with your own preferences. The great thing about this product is that it can be installed so that it’s hidden, maximising space in any quaint bistro or pub. You can also install this heater outside which would be ideal for any restaurant with both indoor and outdoor seating. The Caloray provides gentle heat with a high output and can be paired with one of our thermostatic controllers so that you can create your own heating schedule based on your business opening hours.

High hopes for high ceilings

Everybody loves a high ceiling. It’s a major selling point for any property, mainly because high ceilings make rooms look spacious and aesthetically pleasing. However, rooms with high ceilings are notoriously difficult to keep warm and it’s precisely because of all that coveted space. Not to worry though, we’ve got you covered.

Infrared commercial heaters are an effective way to warm up those hard-to-heat spaces. The Herschel Pulsar IR’s unique appearance coupled with its high heat output makes this infrared heater a great solution to warming larger spaces. Elegant and stylish, this ceramic infrared heater would be attractive in any business. In commercial properties such as churches or warehouses where you often find high, vaulted ceilings and large windows, the Herschel Pulsar will deliver unobtrusive, energy efficient warmth with superior heating.

For industrial spaces with similarly built high ceilings, a ceramic infrared heater such as the Herschel Advantage IR360 would make an excellent choice. This ceiling mounted heater provides 360o heat through its three angled ceramic heating elements, so you are guaranteed to feel the benefits from every direction. Once it heats up, the Herschel Advantage IR360 infrared heater delivers pleasant heat for all, even from afar.

Warm relaxation where it’s expected

Herschel Select XLMany commercial properties sell comfort and relaxation to their customers. Hotels are a prime example of this. Just like all businesses, a hotel is reliant on the customer which is why it’s essential to look after them and understand that nobody wants to be uncomfortably cold when they are away from home. So, why not deliver a better experience with exceptional heat and keep them coming back?

Modernise your hotel with an infrared heating system that can be easily controlled with a fitted thermostat. Infrared panel heaters are great for any commercial property but they’re especially ideal for hotels due to their reliable heat and their discreet but useful designs. Slimline and stylish, the mirror Herschel Select XL Glass is a multi-functional and practical way of heating a hotel. The heat produced by this heater not only warms up a room, but it also ensures that the mirror will not fog up, making it the perfect choice for any en suite bathroom. The ultra-thin design allows it to blend in with any room by fitting in with different aesthetics. This infrared heater offers affordable luxury to keep costs down and gives off effective radiant heat, sure to keep guests warm. With this infrared commercial heater, you’ll be able to provide a comfortably warm atmosphere in every suite.

Our infrared commercial heaters come in a range of styles with an array of benefits and there is one to fit every business. Explore our website further to find the best infrared heater for your commercial needs.

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