Patio Heaters and Family Activities: Making the Most of your Summer Evenings

Wednesday, 27 June 2018 09:02:14 Europe/London

Summer evenings with the family

Now it’s officially summer, it’s time to cast aside the TV remote, hunt out your favourite pair of shorts, and head outside into the garden. Throughout the day, it’s all about ice cream, family water fights, and sunshine. But, what happens when the sun sets? Are you all forced back indoors, or do you brave the crisp, cold, cloudless evening? At Infrared Heaters Direct, we have an idea or two for making the most of your evenings with the family, as well as a stunning range of patio heaters that’ll ensure you’re kept as warm at night as you were in the day…

Camping outside with the Mensa Heating Imus

Camping out on the patio

Nothing beats camping out in the garden: it’s a rite of passage for anyone. What could be more appealing than ghost stories and midnight snacks from the comfort of your own back garden? Grab your tent, fish out some pillows, and spend an evening with your family the old-fashioned way…

To keep everyone warm and toasty as darkness descends, the Mensa Heating Imus is the perfect patio heating solution. Portable, lightweight, and effortlessly stylish, the Imus provides invigorating infrared heat with the push of a button. The ideal choice for makeshift garden campsites, this freestanding patio heater is designed to be slipped under a garden table, but it can easily take centre stage wherever it’s needed — allowing you to stay up late without scarpering back indoors as the temperature drops.

Using a quartz bulb capable of 7000+ hours of use, the Imus creates a soothing red glow that’s perfect for creating an authentic campfire atmosphere without having to strike a single match! Whether you’re singing campfire songs, telling stories, or simply spending quality time together under canvas, you can gather the whole family around this portable patio heater and stay up late into the night in complete comfort, bathed in the gentle red glow from the Imus’s halogen heat lamp. For the garden, garage, home campsite, or just about anywhere, the Imus is a superb choice for on demand outdoor patio heating. 

View the Mensa Heating Imus range

Glow in the dark bowling

Glow in the dark bowling pins

If you’d rather spend the night in your own bed, glow in the dark bowling is a great way to make the most of your summer evenings without having to put a tent up.

All you need for this makeshift game is a pack of cheap glowsticks and some empty 2 litre bottles. Crack the glowsticks, pop them inside the bottles, and your neon bowling alley is complete —providing hours of enjoyment for the whole family.

This activity works best when it’s pitch black, which means it’s bound to be cold despite it being summer. To ensure you’re kept warm while you play, without ruining the light from the bowling alley, we stock a range of patio heaters that create no light whatsoever: the ultimate in discreet patio heating.

The Ecostrad Thermostrip is our zero light patio heater of choice, providing gentle far infrared heat for sheltered outdoor spaces. The Thermostrip comes in two different wattages, with remote and non-remote versions available for each. Remote control Thermostrips allow you to cycle through three different heat levels, enabling you to tailor your heating to your exact needs. For twilight outdoor bowling, select the Thermostrip’s maximum heat output to ensure the whole family keeps warm and cosy as they bowl.  

Ecostrad Thermostrip Infrared Heater - 1.8kW with Remote

Non-remote versions of this patio heater offer less control, simply heating at their maximum output via the on/off switch at the side of the heater. Whichever you choose, the Ecostrad Thermostrip will provide gentle infrared warmth with a sleek, unobtrusive aesthetic.

While the Thermostrip is great for specific heating in sheltered areas, like a covered garden patio or veranda-cum-bowling alley, its gentler heat is less suited to exposed outdoor spaces. For powerful outdoor heating that’s capable of cutting through the harshest cold, it’s best to opt for an infrared outdoor heater with a quartz bulb.

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Hosting a garden party

If you don’t fancy camping or bowling, you can’t go wrong with a sophisticated garden party. Think summer cocktails, music, food, and as many guests as your patio can manage. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday or just need an excuse to host a social gathering, no summer is complete without a garden party or two.

To keep your guests warm, consider a patio heater with a party-ready aesthetic. Of all our patio heaters, the Ecostrad Amalfi is the obvious choice. Finished in a luscious champagne gold, with a dramatic front grill and smooth metal finish, the Amalfi combines powerful outdoor heating with undeniable panache; for statement patio heating, look no further.

Ecostrad Amalfi Infrared Heater - Gold 2kW with Remote

Featuring a highly durable carbon heating element capable of providing 10,000 hours of use, the Amalfi is certain to keep you and your guests outside until the sun begins to rise in the early hours of the morning. Using mediumwave infrared that’s midway between the vigorous heat of the Imus and the soothing warmth of the Thermostrip, the Amalfi is both powerful and subtle — providing a robust warmth that’s strong enough to cope with the great outdoors without being uncomfortable.

Complete with an included remote control, two heater settings, and a timer setting, this patio heater is more than just a pretty face — providing an adaptable and controllable outdoor heating solution for use all year round. If however, gold isn’t quite to your taste, you’ll be pleased to know this patio heater can be purchased in silver and black for a discreet heating alternative.

View Ecostrad Amalfi Patio Heater Range

Whether you prefer reclining with a drink under the gold Ecostrad Amalfi, fancy camping out under the stars with the Imus, or reckon you can take on your family in a few games of glow in the dark bowling with the Ecostrad Thermostrip, there are numerous ways you can maximise your time in the garden this summer and keep warm while doing so. For more information on any of our products, visit our website or speak with one of our friendly sales team today.

Image sources:

Tent: Photo by Chris Schog on Unsplash

Glowing Bottles: Pexels

Cocktails: Photo by PhotoMIX Ltd. from Pexels

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