Outdoor Heaters: Electric vs Gas

Thursday, 29 June 2017 11:16:04 Europe/London

Sunglo Infrared Patio HeatersThe majority of the British public are used to being forced indoors by the cold weather, even during summer time. But, some people stay outside, even when the temperature drops, these people have invested in an outdoor heater. Whether it’s a gas or an electric outdoor heater, these products allow you to enjoy British evenings for longer by warming you up and effortlessly fitting into the surroundings of your patio or garden. Both gas and electric outdoor heaters are extremely effective but this blog is give you a little insight into which one is the best one for you.

To try and give you the most information, the blog will look at how the two different type of heaters work, how they need to be maintained and how efficient they are.

How Do Electric and Gas Heaters Work?

The two types of heaters work in different ways with Gas heaters heating their surroundings using convection and radiation, whereas electric outdoor heaters use only radiation. The best gas heaters that you’ll find in the UK are LPG based and require gas cylinders to run. The flame that gas patio heaters produce heats a space in the same way that a fire does. The majority of heat is transmitted through radiation, whereas the rest of the warmth from the heater is produced by convection. Convection is less efficient as this type of heating warms the air around the heater, meaning that in large spaces such as gardens, the heat escapes quickly.

Outdoor electric heaters use infrared, these heaters can be low glare or no glare meaning that some give off a little orange glow and others produce no light at all. The radiation that these types of heaters use warms objects directly without heating the air around it, making it an incredible effective outdoor heating product. These heaters are also no-fuss and incredibly simple to use, as they off heat instantly allowing you to enjoy the outdoors hassle free.

How Electric and Gas Heaters are Maintained

Ecostrad Thermostrip Infrared HeaterBoth types of heaters require very little maintenance and can be installed easily. Gas heaters can be set up very easily and don’t always require a professional; all that needs to be done to assemble most gas patio heaters is to attach a gas cylinder and then your heater is good to go. However, gas heaters do need an annual service from a professional to make sure that the heater is operating safely and efficiently, with no risks of leaks or carbon monoxide poisoning. You will also need to keep your outdoor gas heater free of debris to keep it clean. Any blockages could impact the operation of the heater so it’s recommended that when not in use, you keep your heater covered to prevent the accumulation of leaves, insects and other objects from getting into your heater.

An electric outdoor heater, however, needs to be installed by an electrician but after that requires virtually no maintenance. These outdoor heaters need to be installed by a professional because, in the likely event that it rains in Britain, the wiring needs to be fully protected from the elements. But after this the only maintenance you need to do is to keep the heater clean. Outdoor infrared heaters can be placed in a number of positions, making it easy to heat your garden in the best way possible. They can be mounted on walls, parasols or can be used free standing.

How Much Do Gas and Electric Heaters Cost?

The cost of either heater does entirely depend on how much you use them. But there is a vast difference in how eco-friendly the two products are.

Usually, gas heaters are cheaper to buy than electric patio heaters and the price of gas is also less than the price of electricity. But there is one reason that even the best gas outdoor heaters will end up costing you more: their lack of efficiency. Because outdoor gas heaters do not solely heat their surroundings through radiation, unlike electric heaters, they waste a lot of heat warming the air around it which then quickly dissipates. Combustion is also a really inefficient way of producing heat, electric radiators, on the other hand, convert 100% of the energy into usable heat so they are far more efficient in the way that they heat their surroundings.

Because gas is a fossil fuel, there is an argument that using gas heaters that they are less eco-friendly than electric gas heaters, which don’t give off any emissions during use. The impact that an outdoor gas heater will have on the environment is very small, but the main advantage that electric heaters would have over gas heaters is their efficiency.

Choosing the Best Outdoor Heater for You

From this discussion, we can see that a lot of the topics we’ve looked at swing favourably towards outdoor electric radiators, but the decision on how you heat your garden and patio area is entirely up to you. If you would like more information then have a look at our website or call one of our helpful sales team.

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