At this time of year, the feeling of being cooped up indoors comes all too easily. We sit in our conservatories and look longingly out into the garden, vainly hoping to get some fresh air without having to bundle up in several layers of clothes. Even in this crisp January weather, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy your outdoor spaces so long as you’ve got the right electric heater for the job. We’ve got electric outdoor heaters for every environment: from smoking shelters and balconies, to gazebos and restaurant terraces. Whether you’re looking for a functional solution or a product that combines style and practicality, read on to learn more about our best outdoor electric heaters.

Smart Under-Table Heating – the Mensa ImusImus Under-Table Patio Heater

The Imus by Mensa Heating is an outdoor heater that’s versatile and stylish in equal measure. Its diminutive height allows it to fit snugly under most tables, directing warmth to your legs and feet to fend away the chill. The strong near infrared heat created by the Imus means you’ll be able to feel its heat the moment it’s switched on, and with its ruby-coloured glow, your outdoor spaces will have that welcoming feel even in the cold of the evening. A feature unique to the Imus is that its two side grills are completely safe to touch so you won’t need to worry about accidentally brushing against it with your leg even when it’s out of sight under the table. Lightweight, portable and simple to use, the Imus is great for occasional heating whenever and wherever you desire. Though its range is limited, it’s one of our best heaters for small balcony spaces and closely seated gatherings outside.


Discreet Warmth for Commercial Spaces – the Herschel Summit

Herschel Summit Patio HeaterUnobtrusive heating is important for commercial spaces, especially for those that have invested a considerable amount of money in creating a particular atmosphere or visual style. Unless you plan to have your heater act as a feature, it’s often better for it to recede into the background unnoticed, which is where the Herschel Summit really comes into its own. The matt black finish and flat exterior of this infrared heater means that it won’t attract attention when installed and can be wall or ceiling mounted as desired to fit alongside any surrounding fixtures. The Summit produces gentle far infrared that’s best for long term comfort heating and doesn’t produce any light while in operation. Though its gentler heat is only suitable for sheltered spaces with less air movement, it’s a superb solution for restaurant terraces and alfresco bar areas that need comfortable warmth for protracted periods of time. For outdoor locations, we highly recommend the version of the Summit that comes with its own remote control, which allows you to access its two-stage heat output as well as a 1 – 9 hour timer function. 

An Outdoor Heater for Exposed Locations – the Ecostrad SungloEcostrad Sunglo Patio Heater

In home gardens, we usually have the benefit of natural windbreaks such as tall hedges and trees to minimise air movement, or in the case of urban exteriors, shelter is more often supplied by surrounding buildings. However, this is not always the case and in very exposed outdoor areas, you’ll need the stronger heat afforded by a quartz heater in order to stay as warm as possible. For open locations, the Ecostrad Sunglo is an excellent choice. This heater can be installed in a number of ways: it can be ceiling mounted to a fixed roof, wall mounted and angled toward a specific space, or even attached to the underside of a parasol to provide targeted warmth for your patio dining area. The robust near infrared emitted by the Sunglo will provide instant warmth the second you come to use it, and with its integrated controls, you can even select between two output levels depending on the heat level required. The striking honeycomb design means this outdoor heater will look stylish whether you intend to use it for a domestic garden or for heating in a commercial space.

The Outdoor Heat Lamp with Less Glare – the Ecostrad Thermaglo

Ecostrad Thermaglo Patio HeaterThe Thermaglo is another excellent offering from the Ecostrad range and strikes a balance between intensity and comfort. This ultra-low glare heater uses a sophisticated carbon fibre element to create mediumwave infrared heat, a type of warmth that’s strong enough for outdoor applications yet gentle enough for use over longer periods of time. This mellower form of infrared means that the Thermaglo creates less light when in use and may be the preferred choice for anyone who finds the glare of a standard patio heater too bright. This heater is cutting-edge in more ways than one and sports a fluid, sophisticated design that outshines its more utilitarian contemporaries. The Thermaglo also comes with a remote control and can be switched between four heat output levels. By selecting between these heat levels, you can choose whether you want gentle supplementary heat or total comfort on colder days when more warmth is needed. Another feature included with the Thermaglo is a 1 – 9 hour timer so you can set the appliance to run for a set period of time, safe in the knowledge that it will switch itself off once the timer runs out. It’s a fantastic feature for places like pub beer gardens which may be occupied sporadically or between set business hours.

Exceptional Outdoor Electric Heaters

We’ve curated our range of electric outdoor patio heaters to provide a solution for every space, so if you’re having trouble deciding on a heater, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us for further guidance. It doesn’t matter whether you need a patio heater for a small back yard or a large open-plan bar area – we’re happy to provide a free quote for installations of all sizes. Though we’ve showcased our best outdoor heaters in this blog post, it’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our fantastic selection of products. We stock many other high-quality heaters from leading brands so be sure to browse the rest of our collection.


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