Office Heaters: Infrared Panels for All Design Schemes

Tuesday, 27 June 2017 13:07:20 Europe/London

OfficeLet’s be realistic; working when you’re cold is no fun, and productivity dips dramatically when all you can think about is that warm jumper you left at home this morning. In the UK especially, winter weather seems to take over the majority of the year, instead of being confined to its season. One day you can be walking to work in the glorious sunshine, and the next you’re running through freezing rain, trying desperately to prevent your belongings from being drenched. Unfortunately, this is the nature of our weather, like it or not. However, you can prevent this damp mood from spreading inside your office by installing a system of infrared heating panels, creating a significantly more inviting (and stylish!) work environment.  

Why Infrared?

RenewablesInfrared is one of the newest, and most efficient, heating technologies to grace the markets in recent years. Infrared heat is a form of radiation, and works by heating people and objects directly, rather than heating the air as more traditional convection heaters do. This radiated heat is in the same form as that emitted by the sun, open fires, and even ourselves. Therefore, it is 100% safe, and very efficient as the heat is not affected by draughts. The deep level of heating felt by these infrared panels makes your room feel warmer than a convection heater, even when heating the room to the same temperature. As a result, you can set your infrared heater 3-4 degrees lower than normal, and still feel the same level of comfort. These heaters, such as our Herschel infrared panels, can be controlled easily and separately, so you are only heating the rooms, or areas of rooms, that you require, allowing you to minimise your energy bills further.  

Another advantage held by infrared heaters is that they are significantly eco-friendlier than their central heating, or gas powered, rivals. As no combustion takes place while heating up these electric heaters, all electrical input is converted to heat, making infrared panels 100% energy efficient. Although electricity prices are currently higher than those of gas and oil, this price difference is set to decrease as fossil fuels become scarcer. Electricity is currently generated using a combination of fossil fuels and renewable energy sources, however the proportion of energy generated from renewables is set to increase in coming years. So, by choosing infrared panels to heat your office space, you maximise your heating efficiency, while simultaneously having the least environmental impact possible.

If you or anyone around you suffers from allergies, then an infrared office heater is the perfect solution. Radiators relying on convection currents to heat a room have the effect of moving the air, which unsettles and carries dust particles and other allergens around the room, exacerbating allergies. These convection heaters can also dry out the air, causing skin problems and prompting further allergic reactions. As radiant heaters don’t heat the air, they do not generate currents or dry the air, alleviating these problems.

Herschel Infrared

Herschel SelectHerschel are world leaders in infrared. Their innovative and stylish products lend themselves to a variety of applications, and with almost unparalleled energy efficiency, are a great choice for any office or commercial space. Our Herschel products are ideal for office spaces due to their ease of use, installation options, and range of stylish, subtle, designs. Our bestselling Herschel Select range, starting at £209.99, comes in a range of shapes and sizes, making it suitable for heating any office space. The simplicity of the fittings allows for DIY installation; saving money, and the ultra-slim design means that, once installed, your heater will take up very little space. What’s more, Herschel panels are entirely silent, and have no risk of leaking or carbon monoxide production, creating a safer office environment and mitigating the need for regular maintenance. These products are so durable, in fact, that all the panels displayed on our site come with at least a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty!

Should you not want a panel heater installed on your wall, don’t worry; you have other options. Herschel panels are extremely versatile, allowing for ceiling installation too: simply replace one or more of your ceiling tiles with these heaters, and you won’t even know it’s there! Or, if you want even more flexibility with your heating solution, our Herschel panels have the option of additional feet attachments to turn your infrared panel into a portable heater. The Herschel Select comes in a stylish white aluminium finish, but if that does not suit your office, consider the Herschel Inspire range, which, with a white powder finish, allows for complete customisation using heat resistant paint. You can turn your infrared panels into works of art!

Herschel mirrorAll offices have bathrooms, so why not add a touch of extravagance to yours with a Herschel Mirror Panel? While creating a pleasant, warm environment this infrared panel doubles up as a mirror, saving wall space and giving an open, contemporary feel. If your bathroom is fitted with a shower, this panel will not fog up as a normal mirror would, as the warm surface prevents water condensing against it.

To optimise the energy-saving potential of your infrared panel heater, all of our products are thermostat compatible, giving you total control over the temperature, and timings, of your heating. With thermostatic control, infrared heating can be more than twice as efficient than conventional methods of heating. Thermostats are sold separately to our infrared panels, and can be viewed here.

For further information regarding any of our heating panels or accessories, or to determine which panel is best suited to your office space, feel free to contact our friendly sales team today!

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