Mirror Panels: The Best Choice for Bathroom Heating

Mirror Panels: The Best Choice for Bathroom Heating

Mirrored heating panels are fast becoming the best way to heat your bathroom in a cost effective, convenient way, without compromising on comfort or quality. It’s easy to see why these electric heating panels are taking over the market, with their sleek and slim physical design, all the way down to the advanced technology behind their surface, responsible for quick and convenient heating in the bathroom. These panels are the true definition of multifunctional.

Stylish mirror panels

First and foremost, these heating panels are excellent mirrors. Most would argue that it’s somewhat essential to have a mirror or two scattered around your house.

Whether you need a quick brush of the hair before work or you’re getting ready for a big night out, these mirror panels are indispensable. Infrared heating panels are disguised exactly as regular frameless mirrors with their sleek design and finish, so you don’t have to sacrifice on aesthetic. Made from high quality, top of the range material, our heating panels are designed to give you the quality that you deserve in your mirrors.

Sleek design

mirror panel cutoutAll of the mirror panels on our website are specially designed to provide maximum comfort while maintaining an elegant look to fit with your home design. These minimalistic slimline panels certainly will not interfere with your home aesthetic and will exude elegance wherever you decide to place them. Some of our panels, such as the Technotherm ISP mirror panels, are as little as 20mm in depth. So if you’re looking for elegance, there really isn’t anything quite as well suited as our mirrored heating panels. If you’re installing your mirror in the bathroom, it is necessary to have it hardwired in by a professional electrician. This a simple job for a trained professional and will provide you with an especially tidy finished product as there will be no wires visible, with the panel thus appearing exactly as a regular mirror.

Modern heating solution

These panels are the perfect choice for a heat source in the bathroom. They use far infrared radiation to warm the walls of the room and the objects in them, rather than heating the air, like a traditional convection heater. This makes infrared significantly more efficient for warming areas like the bathroom and as a result is becoming increasingly widely thought to be the way forward in modern heating. Alongside many other benefits, this allows for the opening of windows, something which would stunt the heating process of a typical convection heater, but it easily combatted by infrared. To discover more about infrared heating click here.

No more steamy mirrors!

But it doesn’t stop there! One of the things that makes  infrared heating panels so ultimately perfect for heating your bathroom is their ability to prevent your mirrors from steaming up during a hot shower or bath. Generally, when your bathroom mirrors steam up, this is a result of warm water vapour in the air condensing on the cool surface of your mirror. Naturally, if your mirror is acting as a heat source, then it will be next to impossible for your mirror to steam up, and you can enjoy your long hot showers in peace!

Struggling with damp?

For people who struggle with persistent dampness in the home, it can be difficult to find a simple cost-effective solution. Not only are mirror infrared panels a heat source and mirror rolled into one, they also have crucial benefits in shifting dampness in the bathroom. Generally, damp areas are the result of water vapour in the air condensing when it comes into contact with cooler surfaces. This can be a particular issue in the bathroom due to an excess of water vapour released from hot showers. Infrared panels are a viable solution because far infrared is easily absorbed by solid objects like the walls, raising the temperature of them. This reduces any dampness because there are fewer cool surfaces for any water vapour to condense on.

Often, people find themselves opening a window in their bathroom to eradicate moisture, but with convection heaters, this can mean that within minutes the temperature of your bathroom is brought right down, leaving you shivering in the cold. With infrared this doesn’t need to happen. Because infrared radiation is absorbed by the solid objects in the room rather than the air, it is not drastically affected by a light breeze from an open window, and so you can effectively air out your bathroom without any hassle.

Still not convinced?

Curv LED mirror panelIf you thought infrared mirror panels couldn’t get any more versatile, then think again. Some of our panel heaters, like our Cürv LED Infrared Mirror Panels come with the additional feature of built in motion sensitive LED lighting. This makes them perfectly suited to use both as a heat source for the bathroom, and as an additional light source at just the wave of a hand. These smaller panels really are the epitome of style and elegance as well as practicality.

All-round ideal solution for bathroom heating

It really is undeniable that infrared mirror panels are perfectly suited to bathroom heating, whether you struggle with aesthetics, dampness or simply want to be able to use your mirror after a hot shower, these electric heating panels are ideal. As a result of the lack of moving parts, these heating panels are remarkably reliable, which is reflected in the warranties of our products. All mirror heating panels have a minimum warranty of five years, guaranteeing you a hassle-free heating solution.

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